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The World’s Largest ‘Brawl Stars’ Guide: Tips, Glitches, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategies

Brawl Stars is the long-awaited fifth game by Supercell for the iOS and Android, following Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Clash Royale. This game puts a unique spin on the MOBA genre, with you and two teammates fighting against three rivals to see who can collect the most gems in a timed round. You can unlock and upgrade characters and formulate all kinds of strategies with your teammates to emerge victorious. Read on for some tips and tricks for Brawl Stars!

Your goal in the gem grab mode (and, to a partial extent, in other modes) is to shoot at your rivals and drain all of their energy before they drain yours. You can either manually aim by holding in their direction, or you can tap on the fire button to automatically aim at the enemy character closest to you. Depending on the character you use, your firing characteristics can differ. Your stock character fires a spread-shot without much range, but other characters fire straight shots with higher range.

For your stock character, the best way to kill quickly is to sneak up close to another player, then unload shots on them. Get close and you can hit them with multiple shots at a time, even the entire spread sometimes. Tap the fire button over and over to unload shots as quickly as possible. Then when you’re out of ammo, retreat back into the forest and hide from enemies until you get all of your shots back.

Other than the gem grab mode, though, the other game modes to know about are the Showdown, Bounty, Brawl Ball, Robo Rumble, Heist, and Big Game. Showdown is a top-down version of the famous battle royale gameplay mode, where your goal is to be the last one standing. Bounty is the most old-school game mode – it’s a team deathmatch, like almost every FPS that you’ve played since before 2010 or so. Brawl Ball is soccer but with shooting and destruction – so, a better version of soccer.

Robo Rumble is the game’s equivalent of “Horde Mode” or of Call of Duty’s “Nazi Zombies” mode where it’s your and your team vs endless waves of robots. Heist mode is the most MOBA-like of all of the game modes here, where your team has to defend your safe and destroy your opponent’s safe. Finally, Big Game mode grows a player to a huge size and makes that one player the boss, then the other players fight against the boss, and whoever wins gets the trophies.

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In any of the game modes, it’s important to avoid getting killed, so to do this, use the bushes as hiding spots. Stay in the bushes and even though you will be able to see yourself, nobody else will be able to see you unless you fire your weapon and/or cut down the bushes. Stay in hiding and recover your health, then make your way back toward your enemies/your goal (depending on game mode etc) and fire away once more when you can.

Some brawlers work better in some modes than in others; however, there is no set in stone answer as to who works better where, most of the time, although there are a few here and there. Gem Grab is easiest when you can kill easily regardless of the consequences, so HP isn’t that important, but attack and attack range (especially range) is important. For a more advanced stab at Gem Grab, your team should mix high-HP tanks and fast, high-attack characters. Your high-HP player should draw out the enemy by bumbling into battle, while your high-attack players wait in the wings to maul enemies and collect a ton of gems.

Showdown, on the other hand, tends to favor tanks and long-range attackers. Showdown is all about survival so either you want to be able to take the most hits, or simply avoid being hit altogether by shooting from a long distance.

For Bounty (deathmatch mode), a whole range of styles can work, but your best bet is someone who heals fast, making you extremely hard to kill. A super attack that can be launched from under cover helps also. With Brawl Ball (soccer), it’s a bit of a crap shoot (no pun intended), but your prowess depends more on a diverse team and how they work together, rather than one specific type. If you are a tank, soak up damage so that you can back up your teammates. If you are a speedy Brawler, then wait for your tank to get in position and start causing damage, scoring goals, running around, and wreaking havoc while your tank teammate eats the hits.

In Heist mode, you should use strategies that have worked in other MOBAs as much as possible, but with modifications for the limitations of Brawl Stars. Healers or Brawlers who can place turrets are strong here, as is Ricochet since he has sky-high range and can bounce bullets off of surfaces and hit people who are behind cover.

For Big Game mode, if you are the boss, use a speedy player to stay away from others, or use a brawler whose super either gives them super speed or severely slows down the enemy, or allows your brawler to drag another character out onto the map. As far as fighting against a boss goes, use whoever can deal the most damage at a time (e.g. hit the boss up close with a spreader weapon to hit it with every bullet that comes out). Someone with a poisonous super that can do gradual incremental damage, or with a super that slows down and stops the boss, is best.

Trophies, Star Tokens, and Tokens? You win trophies when you win the standard game mode, as well as some of the other modes. If you win trophies, you can unlock new brawlers. Tokens and Star Tokens, on the other hand, can be won in the event modes, such as Gem Grab giving you Star Tokens. If you get Tokens and Star Tokens, you can use them to open chests. Open chests and you can win Power Points, Coins, Brawler Star Powers (once a brawler passes level 9), and even Gems, which are the premium currency of the game.

Be sure to upgrade your existing Brawlers by spending coins and using power points. Completing an upgrade on a Brawler consumes both. Gems are the premium currency of the game, and while they are not at all required in order to win, they can be used to purchase Big Boxes, Mega Boxes, and some special offers, which will make progress through the game mildly quicker.

Boxes can also be earned the same way that earning characters and new events are unlocked, which is by the earning of trophies. Earn trophies, then tap on your name/avatar when you are on the main screen, and you’ll be able to manually unlock your new rewards one at a time.


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