The World’s Largest ‘Game of Sultans’ Guide

Game of Sultans is a new MMORTS for the iOS and Android platforms that’s set in the Ottoman Empire era in Turkey, with multiple sultans ruling multiple kingdoms.

Your goal is to make your kingdom the strongest around by powering up your Sultan and his viziers, levying taxes on various elements of your kingdom, and collecting resources and power.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Game of Sultans!

In the campaigns, battling is done automatically between your troops and the enemy’s troops.

The outcome is based on your power level compared to the enemy’s power level, and the main way to increase your own power level is to power up your viziers.

Level them up by spending your gold; every time they are leveled up, their stats will increase, and so will your overall stats in the battles. Keep up with the upgrades in order to continually exceed the strength of your enemies.

When you are leveling up your viziers, always level them one at a time, rather than ten levels. If you do one level at a time, you have a random chance of triggering a boost, which is a bonus statistical increase.

So even though it takes longer to get to the level you want when you don’t use the 10x leveling boost, you will end up with a far stronger vizier.

The masquerade is where the Sultan masquerades as a commoner to go talk to the people, with a chance of winning a consort.

Hit the masquerade often and tap the “masquerade” button once inside the main area in order to try for more consorts. Most of the time, you’ll make friendly conversation with someone for one or two lines, such as a bard or a eunuch.

Sometimes, you’ll talk to one of the women, but nothing will come of it – yet. The more you talk to the same woman, the more the relationship builds, and the better the chance that she’ll become your consort.

Complete quests and achievements for a massive amount of rewards.

Every time that you see a red dot next to them, you can claim a prize, and if you don’t see the red dot, you can still go in and look at all of the requirements for the achievement completions. Often these prizes include gold, so that you can power up your viziers, more troops, or even brand new viziers.

Take care of your levies and imperial affairs as often as possible.

For the imperial affairs, you’ll earn player experience whenever you say no to a request, but you’ll earn resources if you say yes to the request.

Some of the requests will earn you upgrade books, tomes, and other upgrade items for your viziers; these are far more rare, so say yes to these requests always.

The higher your level and your empire’s power level, the more supplies you earn per levy enacted.

In addition to your overall power level, the overall number of troops will determine how you do in battle. The troops that you own, the more of them will show up in the battle menu.

Each battle that you engage in will cost you troops, and the quicker you kill the enemies (determined by your battle power level), the less troops you lose per battle.

But eventually, if the number isn’t kept in check, you’ll lose all of them and need to take a break from battling.

Your empire power level is found in the main kingdom screen underneath your rank. The main way to increase it is to use books and tomes on your viziers.

You can either do this from the backpack menu or from the viziers menu, under “rewards”. Books and tomes are fairly numerous.

Try to spread them out evenly among your viziers, as some viziers have different strengths than others. This increases your battle power significantly, but mostly your empire power.

Be aware of what all of your restoration items do. Vigor Orbs restore vigor, allowing for more consort visits. Energy orbs restore energy, allowing you to masquerade again. Vitality orbs restore vitality to your heirs, allowing you to develop them quicker.

Levy seals let you enact levies in all three categories again immediately. Imperial seals allow you to conduct imperial affairs again. PvP seals allow you to take another shot in the arena again.

PvE seals restore energy for the hunting grounds and for the boss fights. We’ll go over these more later on in the article.

Dive into your backpack as often as possible to open chests and bags. You’ll earn a ton of them as you complete quests, gain levels, and more, and they’ll be your main source of badges, which can be used to develop and upgrade your viziers.

Plus, they’ll earn you a huge amount of gold, soldiers, and food.

You’ll earn items that you can give to your consorts as you go, too. You have two stats that you can improve on your consorts: Charm and Intimacy.

Intimacy increases their skill levels, and when a skill is unlocked, that gives a boost to a specific vizier (for example, Canfeza is Piyale’s daughter, so she boosts his attributes).

Intimacy also boosts the rarity of future heirs. Charm effects the experience gain of a consort on a non-heir-producing visit. The rings and earrings that boost both of these stats are earned from the usual quest completions.

The fortify area is not explained very well but it’s one of the highest-reward areas in the entire map.

First, you go to the store and buy bricks – the bricks are super cheap, so load up. Then you add the bricks to the wall (you can also add event bricks). You then earn a box as a reward.

Go to the backpack, open the box, and you’ll earn soldiers. Higher level bricks contain higher numbers of soldiers, and the rewards tend to be dependent on your prestige level.

Consorts and Heirs

Game of Sultans has a unique mechanic that most other games don’t, which is the consort mechanic.

Consorts are your wives and mistresses, and they not only are associated with your viziers, but they will give you heirs, allowing you to cement your family’s Sultanate’s power by growing a giant harem.

First of all, you have to find them and add them to your harem. The ones that you earn from quest rewards, diplomacy, and whatnot are easy, but the masquerade contains most of your potential wives, and can be a bit tougher to figure out.

When you masquerade, you go to a random building and talk to a random person, which may or may not be a potential consort.

As you talk to a woman more and more, you build a relationship with her, eventually leading up to her becoming your wife and joining your harem.

Once you’re married to a woman, you can boost her intimacy and charisma with gifts. Intimacy will unlock new attributes for viziers as well as influence the rarity and stats of her heirs.

Charm increases the amount of experience earned each time you have a visit with a consort. The intimacy and the experience can combine to give a gigantic boost to your viziers.

Every once in awhile, one of your wives will give you a heir. Once you have an heir, you can develop them, and then use the vitality orb to boost them when they tire out.

The lower the talent of an heir, the shorter it will take to develop. Heirs can only marry within their own talent levels.

The lower the talent level, the quicker that you can marry them off.

Each heir has a specific attribute rating. That rating adds to the military, political, prestige, and research rankings of your kingdom.

When you go to visit your heirs and develop them, they gain experience levels, and each time that they gain a level, they get a boost in the attributes department.

The higher the talent that an heir has from birth, the higher their attributes will be, and the higher their maximum level of attributes will be; consequently, the higher their maximum experience level will be.

The more consorts that you have, the more frequently they will have babies. Stick with the random visits because they’re free and easy to do, rather than having to spend your gems just because you want to spend time with a specific one.

Later on in the game, when you want to boost one specific vizier or even out an extra weak consort, you can spend some gems for those specific visits.

Once you marry off an heir, your heir’s spouse’s attributes will also count toward your kingdom ranking. Their rankings will not be too far off from the rankings of your heir, since the talent levels of the heirs has to be equal.

You need rings and diamonds in order to marry off an heir; the higher the talent level of the heir, the rarer the ring and the more diamonds that you’re going to need.

Marriage can be done in one of three ways. You can either enter a player ID to marry an heir of yours off to one of their heirs, or you can put a proposal out on the world channel for three days in order to find someone who wants to marry their heir off to yours.

Or, you can match an heir up by hitting the “matchmake” button, which will find a random heir of a computer-controlled kingdom to marry your heir off to.

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Later on in the game, you’ll begin to receive maids as a reward. The maids can be given to your consorts; when you give them maids, their charm will increase a bit, just as it will with the earrings.

Maids are best given to the consorts who increase your military power, which will increase your overall battle score.

Your consort’s charm will increase the experience that they receive every time that you pay them a visit.

That experience will be useless at first, until you match them up with their vizier by increasing the intimacy level above 10. Once you do that, then you can spend their experience on increasing the power and level of their skill attribute.

Most of the consorts can be unlocked via the masquerade (the chances are fairly random but also depend on how many times you’ve seen the unmarried consort on a masquerade), but many of them can also be unlocked by other methods. One such method is by earning VIP points and increasing your VIP level.

New consorts will be unlocked at VIP2, VIP4, VIP6, and VIP8. The rest of them all come from masquerades.

If you are a big-spender with gems and you want a highly powerful heir, then visit specific consorts. Visits will cost 10 gems for every one intimacy level; for example, a consort with an intimacy of one will cost 10 gems, but a consort with an intimacy of 141 will cost 1,410 gems per visit.

These visits can hook you up with the rarest of heirs, but can also drain your gems faster than absolutely anything, so engage in these only if you are a whale or a big spender.

General Tips

One way that you can upgrade your consorts without using jewelry is by assigning maids to your consorts. Maids are earned at random, usually from foreign dignitaries in the Imperial Council, and will increase the charm of the consorts.

Tap whenever you see an exclamation point next to the Imperial Council because that means there are more rewards.

You’ll also unlock the Safavieh Envoy (from the Safavid dynasty in Persia), the Venetian Envoy and the Russian Envoy as you get further into the quest modes.

This game is absolutely loaded with opportunities to get free diamonds. The main free diamond collections are in the Rankings and Divination areas, which provide three opportunities and one opportunity per day, respectively.

Beyond that, many of the achievements and the time-sensitive quests can also reward you with diamonds.

Be sure to hit the frontier as often as possible. It’s only open at certain times of the day, but when it is open, you can play once for as many viziers as you have. Their overall attributes will determine how much damage they do in the hunt.

In the expedition, it’s the same, with the top rewards going to the top 100 damage dealers, and the biggest rewards going to the last person to deal damage to the boss.

Make sure to either start a union or join one as quickly as possible. Unions have their own quests that you can do, as well as expeditions for even more rewards than one would normally get in single player mode.

You can contribute diamonds to your union, which will allow you to receive tokens in exchange. Tokens are a union-only currency and can be redeemed for prizes such as gold and commander coupons, as well as vizier upgrades.

PvP mode is done in the arena. You can unlock it by upgrading to Young Sultan V, and then you can play in it once you have at least one vizier at level 60.

Their level and their PvP talent level will determine how they fare in there, so make heavy use of the Imperial Academy to increase the talent of your PvP-heavy Viziers, and upgrade more and more Viziers to level 60 to enable them to fight in the arena as well.

Feasts are one of the least understood parts of the game, but they can be lucrative if you play them right.

You pay 100 diamonds in order to claim a seat at someone else’s feast. Attend feasts to receive store tokens, which allow you to purchase various items including orbs and tomes. The tokens come right away, but the feast food, banquet food, and feast and banquet tokens come later on.

Sultans and Viziers

First, the Sultan (you) can gain levels occasionally, and each level will not only increase the amount of levies and imperial affairs you can deal, but levels will unlock new areas of the game, too.

The quickest way to level up your Sultan is to go into the campaign mode and play it as often as possible. Ensure that you have a lot of soldiers, and make sure that you keep up your Viziers so that you can continue campaigning endlessly.

Sultans can be upgraded to many ranks. You start off at Young Sultan, up to Young Sultan 5 (the highest level), then you’ll move onto Master Sultan for five levels.

Once you make it past all three of those levels, you become Master Sultan. Pass five of those levels and finally you become the Grand Sultan.

At the Grand Sultan rank, you can take care of battles automatically without having to put in any effort. Besides the campaigns, you earn Sultan experience every time you say “no” when dealing with imperial affairs.

Viziers are a bit more nuanced, though. At their base, they can be upgraded using gold. Tap any one of your Viziers and start leveling them by hitting the up arrow next to their level bar.

As long as you have the gold to level them up, you can keep going for as long as you want. Don’t use the 10x, use the standard level up option.

You’ll get a “Boost” randomly, which will add one or two bonus levels to your Vizier for free.

Head into the Develop menu and this will allow you to develop the talents of your Vizier by using either various enhance badges or by using book experience, which can be attained from various EXP booster items.

Badges are notoriously temperamental, and they won’t work most of the time, while book experience works 100 percent of the time.

Talent will provide a multiplier to the entirety of one stat or another, though, making it extremely important.

Under the Rewards menu, you can start really adding huge attribute boosts to your Viziers by using the various books, booklets, tomes, and more.

You can boost either Politics, Research, Military or Prestige, or you can use an Attribute Book/Tome/etc to boost any of them.

Not only will your vizier’s attributes skyrocket, but so will your empire’s attributes as a whole. Additionally, each Vizier has a Consort who is associated with them in some way or another (family member, student, etc).

This association with a consort provides large stat boosts, particularly when you boost the intimacy level of the consort to a level higher than 10. The stat boosts come on at intimacy level 10, 20, then 50, then 100, etc.

The consort boost can be absolutely massive. Your consorts gain experience every time that you have relations with them.

Once you have an intimacy level that’s high enough to get a skill (at least level 10), you can use that experience to boost the level of the skill for even larger stat increases. This is best used for a consort who boosts the military skill of a vizier.

There are four total attributes for each of your Viziers. These are Military, Political, Prestige, and Research.

All of them contribute to the overall hit points of your army, but they also have specific uses. Military affects how much damage your viziers dish out in battle. Research increases the amount of each gold levy.

Political increases the amount of each grain levy. Prestige increases the quantity of each soldier levy.

Viziers begin with a level cap of 100, but if you increase their title, their level cap will increase by 50, all the way up to a level of 400. The first promoted title is New, which is 150 max level.

Following that is Master, with a cap of 200. Next comes Elder, with a cap of 250. After that is Grand, with a cap of 300. Next is Arch, with a cap of 350.

Following that, finally, is Royal, with a cap of max level 400.

So how do you promote a Vizier? You have to get a set of clothing items for them in order to promote them.

You need a Vizier Ring, Vizier Hat, and Vizier Clothes. The set of three will be used to promote one Vizier, and the three items have to match in rank – for example, New Vizier Hat and Royal Vizier Clothes can’t go together.

Have a set of three of these items of equal rank, then use your gold to level a vizier to 100. Once you try to level him again, you’ll instead see a “promote” message, along with the three listed items.

If you have the items, then the promotion goes through and the level cap increases along with the statistics.

More General Tips

Be sure to tap on the oil lamp on the right side of the main screen once per day. This gives you a chance to rub the magic lamp, and when you do, you get rewards.

This also moves you closer to both personal achievements, which happen when you reach milestones with the lantern light, and when you help to reach a server-wide milestone, which combines the lamp scores of everyone on your server for a prize.

In the Union and in other places, you can get New Vizier Clothes, Hat, and Rings. Their purpose isn’t explained very well early on in the game, but they’re necessary to take your empire to the next level.

Once you complete an entire set of the New Vizier items, though, your level cap for your Viziers will increase from 100 to 150. An easy way to acquire these items is to contribute to your Union with diamonds frequently to earn group tokens.

To get to the setting area, tap on your sultan, and then check the options menu on the bottom of the screen.

From there you can switch servers, enter gift codes (which usually come from support or, on rare occasions, Facebook events), block other users, or mess with the music and sound effect settings, as well as the language settings.

Under “Account” you can link the game to your Facebook or Game Center accounts, as well as switch to an entirely different account (as opposed to the same account on a different server with the other option).

If you haven’t yet linked you account to Facebook or to Game Center, there are benefits to doing so.

Link them and then go to the Bind button on the main menu to claim your rewards, which consists of 500K each gold and soldiers, as well as a full set of New Vizier items, allowing you to immediately upgrade on of your Viziers to the level 150 cap.

If you are going to make an in-app purchase, one of the best bang-for-buck purchases that you can make is the subscription card. The monthly card can earn you a certain amount of rewards instantly, plus more per day.

In addition to more overall diamonds, they will earn you the same mount of VIP points that a one-time purchase of diamonds would, as well.

If you have a load of diamonds to spare, go to the Packs area and purchase some of the limited-time special offer packs.

These come with a large quantity of rewards, such as tomes, coupons for resources, rings, and earrings, as well as various orbs (energy, vitality, etc) and seals (imperial, levy, etc).

The special offers regenerate on a timed basis, about once a week, so wait awhile if you don’t like what you see.

Viziers and Promotions

Game of Sultans features a whole host of viziers, or generals, who can boost the attributes and strength of your kingdom just by being on your side.

You can level them up to 100 at first, but then you have to promote them to higher ranks.

These ranks are New, Master, Elder, Grand, Arch, and Royal, and each one increases the level cap by 50, but you need the right Vizier Ring, Vizier Clothes, and Vizier Hat in order to go through with the promotion.

In order to promote one of your viziers to a new rank, first you have to level them up to the maximum level. This is 100 initially, until a promotion happens.

Once you do that, their experience bar will stay full at level 100. Hit the level-up button again and you’ll be asked to promote.

If you have a New Vizier Ring, New Vizier Clothes, and New Vizier Hat, then the promotion will go through. Then you’ll be able to level them another 50 levels.

At level 150, you will need a Master Vizier Ring, Master Vizier Clothes, and Master Vizier Hat to promote them, but the method of promotion will be the same.

This will play out again every time you hit the max level, which is the previous max level plus 50. An Arch Vizier will have a max level of 350, and a Royal Vizier will have a max level of 500.

The New Vizier items are the easiest to get. You’ll win these starting at VIP4, or you can get them without spending any money. Spend tokens at the feast, or spend Union contribution tokens, or earn them from daily VIP point rewards, or from quest rewards and achievements.

Master Vizier Rings, Master Vizier Clothes, and Master Vizier Hats are tougher to get; you can get these at VIP5.

Elder Vizier Rings, Clothes and Hats come free with VIP6. Grand Vizier Rings, Clothes, and Hats come with VIP level 7.

Arch Vizier Rings, Clothes, and Hats come at VIP8. Royal Vizier Rings, Clothes, and Hats currently can’t be earned at any VIP levels.

To earn the Master, Elder, Grand, Arch, and Royal items without having to do any VIP business, there are multiple ways.

One is to place first in the current Ranking Rush. You can earn Unparalleled Sultan for National Power, Romantic Sultan for Intimacy, Sweeping Force for Stage, and The Supremacy for Arena rankings.

You can earn The Leader for being the head of the number 1-ranked union, and you can earn Millionaire for spending a massive amount of recharge money.

All of these items contain honor and clothes, and being very rare items, they are likely to contain very rare clothes.

The other way to earn them, which is far less likely but is also far cheaper, is to level your union up extremely high.

Contribute gems to your union and expect other players to do the same as the more gems that get contributed, the better the items that pop up in the union store.

Arena, Frontier, Hunting Ground, Expeditions and Fortress – The PvE and PvP Guide

Game of Sultans features a ton of gameplay modes, to include such things as the hunting ground, the expedition/exploration, the frontier, the expeditions, and the fortress.

All of these gameplay modes can give you huge rankings and rewards, and either pit you against other players or against the computer, or collaboratively with other players.

The Arena can be played once you have at least one Vizier who is level 60 or above. When you fight, the game picks one random Vizier to represent you in battle.

Your best bet here is to level up as few Viziers to 60 as possible, and the one or ones that you should level up.

A Vizier’s hit points are determined by his total attributes added together, but the damage dealt by the Vizier is determined only by the military attribute.

So to maximize your effectiveness, do the following: Promote as few Viziers to 60+ as possible. The ones that you do level up should have a very high military talent.

Load them up with books, booklets, tomes, and volumes to enhance the military stat. Some, such as Piyale, can have their military stat greatly enhanced by their associated consort. Upgrade their book and skill experience using the Imperial Academy, and use that to improve their talents.

You can load up on arena points by taking revenge, which requires challenge letters. Revenge is available against players who kill 5 or more of your viziers, or who unleash a rat into your feast and take away your feast points.

If you have raid seals, you can enter a player ID and raid them, which will drop their arena points by two times the amount of points as a normal victory will.

Arena PVP chances cool down after an hour. You get four free chances per days, and then any subsequent chance will require a PvP Seal to be used.

Be sure to purchase attribute bonuses in between fights, even if you don’t think that you will need them, because they last for the entire duration of the fight. Or save them up and use them en masse later on in the game.

For the Hunting Ground, your viziers’ overall stats and level determine how much damage they will do.

Wait until the hunting ground opens up inside of the frontier, then go there and hunt as many animals as possible, and headshot as many of them as possible for a damage boost. For the fortress, it’s similar in that one Vizier at a time attacks.

The player who deals the final blow to the Fortress will occupy it and get huge rewards, while the top 100 damage-dealers will load up on experience points.

The expedition occurs once every hour, but you can go to your union page and go to “exploration” in order to see all of the places that you can sail to, and what the rewards will be.

Gift Codes

You can enter gift codes, also known as redeem codes, to get free goodies. You can enter invite codes if you have been invited by someone, or if you find them somewhere (such as in our comments section). You can get all kinds of free gifts, as well.

Invite codes are the easiest one to come across. If you see an invite code posted in the comments or on Facebook, it may or may not work, depending on what server you’re on. You can also only use one invite code, and claim the rewards once.

An invite code will also only work if the player whose code you are entering is on the same server as you are. Our invite code is 2fm3ayft5m57b and our server is America-America-S6.

Other America regions should work though, just not the Asian or Euro servers. Post your own invite codes in our comment section.

Redeem codes, also known as gift codes, are not given out often. The use of a gift code is typically one of two things.

They’re either given to one specific player by the developers in order to rectify a customer service/purchase issue, or they are given out as a gift in response to social media events. If you find a gift code, post it in our comment section!

Facebook is where you will find the social media events for Game of Sultans. Go to the Game of Sultans Facebook group and participate whenever they post a thread asking you to comment or reply in exchange for a potential future reward.

If you have already bound your account to Facebook, this should be easy to figure out, and they will know where to send the rewards if you win something.

Many other giveaways are done for other reasons and celebrations. The most common include specific numbers of Facebook Likes, or the release of the game in a new country or region.

Check your mailbox as when these happen, rewards will get sent out to everybody at once.

Look for more freebies everywhere you can, whether on social media, our comments section, or even within the game itself.

If you see a red dot sitting next to an icon, you have a free reward to claim. If you see an exclamation mark next to a location on the map, then you have a reward to claim there, too.

Divination, Feast, Magic Lamp, Ranking Rush, and Masquerade Guide

Divination is first, because this is one of the most asked-about game modes, but it’s also one of the simplest. It’s deceptively simple, in fact, which is why it’s one of the most searched.

All that you do here is go to the Divination tab and tap the cup of coffee, and the fortune teller will see a specific item. You’ll earn gems and some other reward based off of that item (a heart will earn you a silver ring, for example), and chest rewards whenever you get to certain day milestones (day three, seven, 14 etc).

The feast is a weird game mode because there’s little explanation of it and it’s expensive. You spend gems to take a seat at the table at someone’s feast.

Each time that you attend a feast (you can do three per day), you have a chance to earn your own feast items, such as Feast Food, Feast Tokens, Banquet Food, or Banquet Tokens, which will eventually allow you to throw your own feast. Throwing your own feast will earn a TON of feast points.

You can unleash a rat into someone’s feast to take away 1,000 feast points and put yourself on their revenge list, or you can use a challenge scroll to do that to someone who does the same thing to you.

In the feast store, you can use the feast points that you earn to buy some cool items. You can buy experience packs, volumes and tomes, badge shards, and more, and the store refreshes every couple of hours or so.

Magic Lamp is another deceptively simple game mode. You get one free Lamp Oil daily, and more Lamp Oil for quest completions, especially time-sensitive quests.

Go to the Magic Lamp, use a Lamp Oil by tapping the icon, then you get a random reward. Hit the achievements tab to earn rewards for lamp milestones, both your lamps and the entire server’s lamps.

Ranking Rush is a contest to see who can rank first in a specific category. You can compete for the top ranks in intimacy, national power, stage rankings, the arena, union contests, and more. Rewards include all of the money and resources that you’re familiar with, the orbs, but also unique items that give you honor and Vizier clothes.

These include Unparalleled Sultan, Romantic Sultan, Sweeping Force, The Supremacy, The Leader, The Invincible, and Millionaire.

Masquerades are where you as the Sultan go into the city and communicate with your people, sometimes in disguise, or in “masquerade” form.

You have a chance every time you use a Masquerade energy to win a new consort/wife. Hit the “unmarried” tab in your harem to see who you haven’t met yet and how to get them (most are from the masquerade).

Even if you talk to a normal person, you’ll still get resource rewards. If you talk to an unmarried woman, you have a chance at building a relationship with and marrying her, adding her to your harem as a consort.

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