Game of Sultans: Sultan and Viziers Guide – How to fully upgrade and level up your sultans and viziers, page 2

Additionally, each Vizier has a Consort who is associated with them in some way or another (family member, student, etc). This association with a consort provides large stat boosts, particularly when you boost the intimacy level of the consort to a level higher than 10. The stat boosts come on at intimacy level 10, 20, then 50, then 100, etc.

The consort boost can be absolutely massive. Your consorts gain experience every time that you have relations with them. Once you have an intimacy level that’s high enough to get a skill (at least level 10), you can use that experience to boost the level of the skill for even larger stat increases. This is best used for a consort who boosts the military skill of a vizier.

There are four total attributes for each of your Viziers. These are Military, Political, Prestige, and Research. All of them contribute to the overall hit points of your army, but they also have specific uses. Military affects how much damage your viziers dish out in battle. Research increases the amount of each gold levy. Political increases the amount of each grain levy. Prestige increases the quantity of each soldier levy.

Viziers begin with a level cap of 100, but if you increase their title, their level cap will increase by 50, all the way up to a level of 400. The first promoted title is New, which is 150 max level. Following that is Master, with a cap of 200. Next comes Elder, with a cap of 250. After that is Grand, with a cap of 300. Next is Arch, with a cap of 350. Following that, finally, is Royal, with a cap of max level 400.

So how do you promote a Vizier? You have to get a set of clothing items for them in order to promote them. You need a Vizier Ring, Vizier Hat, and Vizier Clothes. The set of three will be used to promote one Vizier, and the three items have to match in rank – for example, New Vizier Hat and Royal Vizier Clothes can’t go together.

Have a set of three of these items of equal rank, then use your gold to level a vizier to 100. Once you try to level him again, you’ll instead see a “promote” message, along with the three listed items. If you have the items, then the promotion goes through and the level cap increases along with the statistics.

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