10 Expert ‘Star Trek Fleet Command’ Tips and Tricks

Star Trek Fleet Command is a new mobile MMO based in the Star Trek universe, especially the world of the newer Star Trek movies. This new Scopely game will have you battling against other players, collecting resources and chests, finding officers, discovering new solar systems, and try to become the top player in the entire universe. Read on for a guide, tips, cheats, tricks, glitches, glitch fixes, hints, and more for Star Trek Fleet Command!

Grinding is a fact of life in a game like this, but you want to work smarter, not harder, so that you can get the much-desired 2-star and 3-star ship parts and not the overly-common one-star ones. To get higher-level ship parts, attack higher-level ships – at least level 10 but preferably higher.

Certain classes of ships (survey, explorer, intercepter) are higher-tier than others even at the same star level, so keep working your way up higher-leveled ships in order to get these parts. Complete the daily missions every day to maximize your chances. And as far as the type of part, like ships tend to drop like parts. Battleships drop battleship parts, surveys drop survey parts, and whatnot.

As you upgrade your ships, you’ll unlock more slots in which to assign officers, and as you have more available officers, you’ll have more options as far as where to put them to maximize your stats. Stronger officers should go in the bridge, while weaker ones should go in the crew. If your ship is low in one or two areas, fill the bridge with officers that can bring up the weak points.

Don’t ever leave your starbase without some form of construction or another going on. Always have something going on in your starbase. Join an alliance too. Make sure that it’s an active one, and take advantage of their presence to help you with your base. Play at a time when they’re all online at the same time, so that they can help you build stuff instantly.

Switching servers is something that many in this game want to eventually be able to do. Right now, there is not a way to switch servers in this game, although the developers at Scopely say they plan to add it soon. Right now, deleting your data, moving your location (or using a VPN to move your location) and then restarting a new account is the surest way to switch server locations.

A glitch that’s been seen rather commonly is that Recruit Tokens tend to disappear a lot. In order to rectify this, you need to put in a support ticket. Do the same thing if another bug or glitch hits, such as you spend recruit tokens to do a summon but then the game glitches out and the summon doesn’t occur. The devs tend to be good with responses to issues such as these.

Sometimes, ships tend to get stuck in place, and you can’t repair them or remove them. This doesn’t have to be the end of your run, though. If this does happen, there are fixes. One of them includes restarting the game or turning the app off and then on again (especially with a wifi connection) to ensure that it’s not an issue with your phone or tablet’s copy of the game. Another is to find someone to attack you and knock you off.

Farming resources such as dilithium, latinum, common refined ore, gas, and whatnot can be a slog, but just like with the ship parts, farm smarter. The higher the level ships that you raid, the better your loot boxes will be and the more of a chance that you have at getting rarer resources. Mine and mine and get as many powerful resources as you can.

Take on a lot of missions, BUT be careful what you take on and don’t overload yourself too much early on. Start off with the easier missions, and move up very gradually to the harder missions. Don’t take on super hard or nearly-impossible missions or you’ll end up stuck with a mission that you can’t complete for far too long of a time.

Take note of what solar systems have mines for what minerals. Some systems have nothing while some have raw crystals, dilithium, tritanium, parsteel, or rarer forms of ore and gas. Write down which systems contain what mines so that you can go back and mine from them whenever you wish.

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