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Star Trek Trexels – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Star Trek Trexels is a retro 8-bit styled Enterprise simulator for the iOS and coming soon to the Android platform as well. In this game your goal is to complete a wide range of missions around the galaxy in your very own Starship Enterprise clone with your own flight crew, ranging from combat to puzzle solving to negotiations. Read on for some tips and tricks for Star Trek Trexels!

This game typically involves a whole lot of waiting around. You have to wait for a mission to complete once you send one of your crew members out, and when you construct a brand new room or building, you have to wait until it’s done in order to use it unless you want to speed it up by spending Dilithium. You can skip that entire waiting period, though, using the time lapse cheat.

To do that, simply figure out which of your current jobs will take the longest to complete, then go to the date and time settings on your phone and set the time ahead by that same amount. Now go back to Star Trek Trexels and the mission or the building will be completed immediately.

You can set the time back to normal at any point after doing this cheat and you won’t lose any of your improvements. The best part is, sometimes when you set the time back to normal, the game will detect something abnormal, think that there is a glitch afoot that might cause you to lose data (the time lapse cheat won’t, though), and give you Dilithium pre-emptively. In other words, this is a game that rewards you for cheating.

Dilithium is your premium resource. Other than the above cheat, the best way to get it is to complete all of the various assignments that the game throws at you.

Command, Research and Power are your three main resources. You gather them by building more rooms (different rooms for different resources) in your ship, but if you are bored and want to collect them even faster, tap on the target icon and you’ll be transported to a view outside of the ship. Start tapping surrounding rocks, debris, ships and other stuff to shoot it, then tap the resources that comes out and hold your finger down on the screen to automatically collect it.

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