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Cupcake Mania – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Cupcake Mania is a new match-three game for the iOS and Android platforms. The gameplay in this one most closely aligns with Farm Heroes Saga, as your goal is to collect a specific number of orders of cupcakes and other delicious pastries, organized by color, and to do so despite all of the obstacles that threaten to kill your progress. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cupcake Mania!

Each stage has its own set of pastries to clear out. Each one that you include in a match will take one away from your order, and every match that you clear (including pastries which don’t count toward your order) will add a multiplier to each adjacent piece. Clear out the pieces with the multipliers first because once you make another match, those multipliers are gone (although new ones can be made in the same way in their place).

Special pieces pop up with matches of 4, 5, or L-shaped matches (or t or +-shaped matches) that can then be cleared by making a combo over them. Each of these has different uses. When you pop one up using a four-piece match you get the Sugar Rush. Activating a Sugar Rush (which is done by making a match over it) will cause all pieces of that one color to have a multiplier added to them.

The next two special tiles (which are activated the same way once they are put up on that board) are the Sprinkle Shock and Cupquake. The Sprinkle Shock is created when you make either an L-shaped, T-shaped or + shaped match, and when you activate it, you clear out one row and one column. When you activate the CupQuake (the one that is made by matching 5 pieces in a row), it clears out all of the pieces that are the same color as the combo you just made.

You have keys that you can earn on each stage by completing quests. These quests (and consequently, the keys) will earn you big bonuses, especially gems, when you earn an entire line of keys. Go back to old stages to complete key quests any time that you want to earn some extra bonuses.

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Any time that you lose a stage, you lose a life, and anytime that you beat a stage, you’ll regain the life that you lost for beginning the stage. So the most obvious way to keep playing for as long as possible is simply not to lose. You can spend gems for a full refill, though. Don’t buy a refill unless it’s all the way empty or else you will be wasting gems, since a refill costs the same no matter whether you have zero or four.