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Diamonds Mania 2 Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Diamonds Mania 2 is a new puzzle game for the iPhone and Android that can be described as one of the most difficult to finish puzzle games of all time. Your goal is to clear all of the diamonds off of the center of the stage, get the highest score possible, and then do it all over again, and then spend the Red Diamonds that you collect all throughout the stage on various forms of power ups that can assist you win in winning. Read on for some tips and tricks for Diamonds Mania 2!

You get free red diamonds each time that you knock out a combo of at least five diamonds at a time. Play a whole bunch of throwaway stages, flood them with pieces and go for as many 5+ combos that you can in order to get a whole bunch more red diamonds, so that later on when you are trying to beat a different stage for the very first time, you can use power ups to clear out those last few pieces at the end of the stage.

The three types of power ups are as follows. One of them is the “undo”, which allows you to undo the last move that you just did. Another one is the bomb, which allows you to blow up a 3×3 section of squares. The final one is the X Gem, which turns into a random color of gem. Don’t bother buying the undo or the X Gem – the bomb is the one that’s really helpful.

If you look really closely, you can see two layers of gems on all four sides of the screen. The first layer will be the one that is the easiest to see (especially the ones that can light up, which you shoot), but if you look really closely, there is a second layer behind that first layer.

And don’t forget to quit the game and start over if you are so far into a level and it becomes such a mess that you can’t see a way out of it. Hit pause and then hit “Abandon” to do this.