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Guide to Agent Dash for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Agent Dash is a new auto running game for the iPhone and the iPod touch with a little bit of a twist. In this game you play as a secret agent who is trying to run through jungles, enemy bases and other locales trying to get away from something that you can’t see, but you have to run while swiping back and forth across three tracks on the stage, shooting at enemies, collecting diamonds and racking up both score and yardage. Read on for some tips and tricks for Agent Dash!

Save up your diamonds very early on so that you can get more diamonds later. Buy the first two diamond upgrades so that red diamonds (which are worth 2 diamonds apiece) begin appearing at the first base, and then buy a super diamond upgrade so that super diamonds (which are worth 10 diamonds apiece) begin appearing. Between these two upgrades and simply getting farther in the game, you will earn diamonds MUCH more quickly.

Learn to ignore the background scenery when you are in the jungle areas, because oftentimes the scenery looks like a safe turn until the last second, when in reality, you can end up in the wrong lane, running into a wall.

Instead, look only for the signs. Know that a “!” sign will always mean that you can go to either the left or right sides and be safe. An arrow sign will mean that the only safe lane is the one that the arrow is pointing towards.

To run as far as you possibly can, learn to start ignoring the diamonds at certain points during the game. Oftentimes the diamonds either lead you into a wall that you might hit, or simply take you over and around a ton of obstacles that you have to jump over or slide under in order to not die.