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Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front for iPhone – How to get free Medals

Brother in Arms 2: Global Front is a first person shooter for the iPhone and iPod Touch that is set in the middle of World War II. In this game, you are dropped in the middle of a Japanese island, and armed only with your gun and your brothers in arms, you and your fire team try to take areas of the island, taking out rival soldiers and completing missions. Medals are the premium currency, and you normally have to buy them, but you can get them for free using some simple techniques.

One way that you earn free medals is to gain experience levels in this game. Experience is earned based on how many enemy soldiers you kill, so if you want to grind for levels so that you can earn more medals, then your best bet is to go to a survival type of stage, such as 1-2 (the one where you hold the bunker) and knock off as many enemies as possible. Grenades really help in this situation as well, since you can kill more soldiers with them.

You can also get more medals by doing the following. First, click on the plus sign that’s next to your medal count. Then, once the medal buying menu opens, go to the button in the top left corner that says “free medals” and tap it.

Once you do this, a video will open up for you to watch. Once you are finished with the video, the game will award you one free medal. You can watch as many videos as you want, so you can load up on medals just by having the patience to let these videos play and earn you medals.

Sometimes, though, instead of the prompt that pops up saying “watch this video and earn 1 medal”, one will pop up telling you that you will earn 1 credit. Watch the video anyways – afterwards it will say you earned 1 credit, but you actually earned 1 medal.