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Arms Cartel Global iPhone game guide: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Arms Cartel Global, by Pixel Addicts, is the sequel to their previous smash hit, Arms Cartel. This one takes you all around the world, dealing in guns and money, taking over the underground economy, dominating Mexico, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia and other locations, while fighting off other players and their cartels. You can even form up in clans and participate in cartel wars. Read on for some tips and tricks for Arms Cartel Global!

Immediately after you begin playing the game, and before you even start fighting against other cartels, you need to start getting new cartel members. The quickest way to do this, by far, is to either A: go find people in the iPhone app store who have posted their friend code in the reviews area, or B: Go to the “Invite VIPS” area and invite every single VIP as often as you absolutely can. Before you know it, you’ll have 50 new cartel members at a time, and your team will be huge.

Next, you need to make sure to arm your cartel members. What you arm them with is not as important as making sure that they are all armed with SOMETHING. Each cartel member can have 1 weapon, 1 protection, and 1 vehicle. One vehicle per member is expensive, so save that until your city is making you massive amounts of money.

To make money fast, go to your city and buy at least 20 weapons storage systems. If you can’t afford them right now, complete more missions and then make it happen. Even with the price increases that come every time you add one more of them, you still earn far more profit per dollar spent with weapons storages than with anything else. Use a ton of these to rack up money so that you can buy vehicles for your whole cartel.

When you gain levels, use your skill points entirely on either energy or stamina. Attack and defense can be increased with weapons just as easily as they can with gaining levels, but your max energy and stamina can not be increased any other way. Having a higher max energy and stamina allows you to make money and gain levels faster, thus allowing you to buy better weapons, thus increasing your attack and defense more than using skill points on them will.