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Guide to Warheads: Medieval Tales iPhone game guide: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Warheads: Medieval Tales is an extremely tough defense RPG style game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. It plays similarly to a traditional RPG, sort of, except that instead of controlling the attacks of your characters, you control their movements. You get to control an entire party of characters who is chasing down bandits through the forest. It can get difficult at times, but read on for some tips and tricks to Warheads: Medieval Tales!

When you are fighting, you should fight in one of two formations. The first one is to put the Friar where you want him, and then after he goes where he’s going, place every other one of your characters into the EXACT SAME SPOT as the Friar. The reason you want to do this is so that he and the other weaker character in your party (the Squire) are protected from immediately being singled out by any enemies that you face.

The other good battle strategy is to place the Friar, then place the Squire on top of him. Then, place your other two characters to either side of those two, so that they are the ones that take the hits, while the Friar and the Squire get to attack from behind. This is practically the only way to keep both of them alive until they level up a lot.

Each time that you get the choice between bonus silver and bonus experience points, take the bonus silver. It’s very easy to go back and earn experience points – just go to the map and replay any stage that has the green “reload” icon over it, and you will gain experience points every time. However, you will lose the chance to gain extra silver after the first time you play through the stage.

Be sure to use those replayable levels for level grinding if you come to a stage you can’t beat, as well. Even though your strong characters will be the ones who gain most of the experience, they can still power up enough to make it easier for the weaker character to survive, and to simply just beat the level.