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Guide to The Sims Medieval for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

The Sims Medieval is a fun spin on an old concept. It runs on The Sims 3 engine, and the goals are much similar to those in the other Sims games (as is the open endedness, but this one exists in a a medieval world, complete with the music to boot. You can chat with, battle, antagonize, make love with, and add other Sims to your guild. Read on for some tips and tricks for The Sims Medieval!

One of the most fun parts of the game is trying to get as many people into your guild as possible. To get someone to join your guild, of course you have to get friendly with them first before the option even becomes available. To increase your chances of them saying yes, keep getting friendly with them, enough so that the “Be Romantic” social option actually opens up. The friendlier, the better your chances.

Different Sims will require a different strategy to get as friendly with them as possible. For example, one Sim might want to talk about subjects such as politics and science. The other might want you to joke and fool around. If a sim reacts poorly to one action, avoid that action and concentrate on the ones that they react well to.

When you’re at your house, there are short term and long term versions of every action that you can do to increase your sim’s energy and feed them. You can sit or you can sleep, but sleeping, which takes longer, raises your energy in its entirety. You can either grab a quick snack or prepare a dish, but preparing a dish, which also takes longer, keeps your sim satisfied for a longer period of time.

Use the time speed control to maximize your efficiency, especially when you are on quests to get simoles. when you are looking around for the next exclamation mark, pause the game until you find it. If it’s far away, put the game to double speed after you tap it. Then, when your sim arrives at whoever they need to talk to, slow the game back down to normal speed while you are talking to them.