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Guide to Party Place for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Party Place is the newest Zynga game, and one of the most original games that they have ever done. It looks kind of like The Sims, but the whole concentration is on throwing a party. Throw a party, interact with people in either friendly, mean or romantic ways, and cause drama (both good and bad drama) to earn coins. Then when it’s all done, build up your mojo again and start buying new stuff for your house so that you can be ready for the next party! Read on for some tips and tricks for Party Place!

It usually takes 12 hours for something to be delivered after you buy it, but if you go to your device’s date and time settings and set the time 12 hours ahead, you can have the item delivered immediately. Set it about 12 hours and a few minutes ahead, because sometimes it loses few minutes during the cheat.

After you go back to the game, though, you have to open the new item FAST, because eventually, the counter will reset itself on its own. Once it does this, everything that you are currently waiting for will take even longer to wait for unless you shut down the app and then reopen it again. If you do this, everything will be back to normal and you can do the trick again.

Once you are throwing a party, to fill up the checklist of various types of drama as quickly as you can, use one mojo apiece on everyone and then have them cause drama with each other, or cause drama with them using your character. Spend only one mojo per character, and you can start another party much more quickly because you will have mojo left over.

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The time trick can also be used to prepare items to have their mojo collected again, but usually, only one item at a time will work. In this case, it’s best just to set the clock 20 minutes ahead and then collect mojo by watching the TV that you start the game with, and then repeat the trick over again, so as to not mess the time up too much in case the game reverts itself.

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