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Guide to Monster Maestro for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Monster Maestro is a game that blends the monster collection element of games such as Pokemon and Digimon with the mobile card battling gameplay of titles such as Dark Summoner and Rage of Bahamut. Your goal in this game is to go from a trainee to a monster maestro, “catch ’em all”, so to speak, and quest through a number of areas, as well as engaging other players in battles to see who has the best deck. Read on for tips and tricks to Monster Maestro!

An easy way to power up your active deck is to fill it with nothing but cards of the same element as your profile is. For example, if you are water and your deck consists entirely of water types, you’re doing it right. If your deck is all matched up, then you will get a hefty attack boost against other players.

Whenever you want to load up on cheap monsters to use as card enhancement fodder, go back to the early quests and start playing them again, loading up on crappy monsters. Do the early quests because they cost less energy to complete than any of the other quests, meaning you get more chances to earn more monsters as a bonus on the quests.

Evolve your monsters as soon as you can, even before you enhance them. Enhancing them first will make them a little bit more powerful when you evolve them, but not enough to be worth questing over and over just to get the cards to enhance them with.

To load up on stat points early on, go to “my page” and click on the number of friends you have. Once you tap on it, then you will go to the friends search page. Send out a ton of requests. Even though you can only have five friends at a time, send out as many friend requests as you can so you get answers back right away. You get 5 stat points for each friend you add. As you gain levels, your friend limit will increase, so when it does, add even more friends for more stat points. You can also use the Monster Maestro Add Me Page to find people to add.

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