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Monster Maestro for iPhone Evolution Guide: How to evolve and trivolve your monsters

In Monster Maestro, you start off with one base monster, and can catch a bunch of other common monsters as you complete quests and use your summons. Not only do you get common monsters, though, you can also get less common monsters by evolving your monsters. You can get even rarer monsters by trivolving them! Read on for a guide on how to evolve and trivolve your monsters!

Evolving your monsters is a simple process. First, it requires you to have two of the same monster. It doesn’t matter what type of monster you have two of, as long as the two cards are identical. If you don’t have enough cards, go and complete more quests, or use your Friendship Points to get more card packs.

Next, click on the “My Page” button, and find the little picture that says “Evolve”. Choose a card to evolve. It must be a card that you have at least two of, even though the game will list off every card you have.

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Now, once you choose your card to evolve, you will be prompted to select your Evolver card. The only cards that pop up will be identical cards to your first choice, so choose one of them. You’ll be required to pay a certain amount of coins depending on how powerful your cards are. Now, hit the “evolve” button at the bottom. If your cards are higher than level 1 due to being Enhanced, they will keep a percentage of their stat gains from past enhancements.

Now, unfortunately, you cannot evolve two evolved cards with each other. What you CAN do, however, is trivolve them. Go back to My Page, and hit the Trivolve button to get there. Once you are in the Trivolve menu, you will have a list of Trivolve recipes to choose from. Currently, the available recipes are for Ralisco, Keradine, Damoa and Dafron.

All of these recipes except for Damoa require you to use three evolved cards for your Trivolving. Damoa, being a rare card, requires one evolved card, and two Trivolved cards (Ralisco and Dafron) as a recipe. So in this case, you can actually Trivolve twice!

More recipes are sure to come as the game is updated further!

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