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Summoners War: Sky Arena – How to power-up, skill power-up and evolve your monsters

Summoners War: Sky Arena is Com2us’ smash hit mobile RPG. Like most mobile RPGs, the old TCG strategy of powering up and evolving your monsters is here, and considering the difficulty of this game, you are going to have to do a LOT of it if you want to be successful. Read on for tips on how to power up your monster and their skills, and how to evolve your monsters!

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Powering up your monsters is fairly simple. Go to the power-up hexagram on your island, then pick the monster you want to power up. Pick as many monsters as you want as materials – you can use any monster as a material unless it’s in your current party or assigned to defense. To assign or unassign defense, tap on the Summoner’s Tower and hit the defense button.

That’s the simple part. Upgrading your monster’s skills, however, demands that you use the same monster as material. The exact same property is not a requirement, though, and oftentimes you will find the same monster with different properties (and a pallette-swap), which can be used for this, as well. A skill upgrade can be done even if your monster is the maximum level.

Angelmon and devilmon are very useful when you are doing this. Angelmon provide loads of experience points when they are used as material for power ups, and devilmon will provide an instant skill increase when you use them as material. Rainbow angelmon can be used for monsters of any attribute, while angelmon of a certain property (fire, water, etc) are most effective when used to enhance a monster of the same property.

Evolution can only be done when your monster reaches the maximum experience level. Your monster material needs to be of the same grade, meaning the same star rating, as the monster that you want to evolve, and the number of them that you need will be equal to the stars of the monster that you want to evolve. For example, to evolve a 3-star into a 4-star, you will need three 3-star monsters to use as evolution material.

Once your monster is evolved, it will be back down to level 1. This is where you can get the biggest stat boost of all. Power up your newly evolved monster and it will gain levels rapidly just like it did when it was at level 1 originally, leading to a massive stat boost. Since the stat base is higher anyways, it will have an even more impressive stat boost from being powered up again.

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