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Summoners War: Sky Arena – How to power-up, skill power-up and evolve your monsters, page 2

There is literally no limit to how far you can evolve a monster. Every monster, even those one-star silver-star monsters, have the potential to be six-star monsters eventually (or seven star or eight star because you know the developer is going to add that to the game eventually). The silver star monsters may not be awakening-enabled but they are evolution-enabled.

Plus, whenever you awaken a monster before evolving it, and then you evolve it, you will keep the awakening form – again, you will just have pink stars instead of gold stars associated with your character. Evolving an awakened character will keep your character’s looks the game, just as evolving an unawakened character will.

Look for scenario levels where you can spam farm instances for some easy characters. Usually, you’ll simply earn a massive amount of runes, but if you keep playing long enough, eventually you will start earning monsters here and there. Boss levels are the best for earning three star monsters, so if you want to avoid becoming fodder, start finding these monsters by replaying boss levels constantly.

Angelmon and devilmon are very useful for evolutions as they almost always come in their maximum level, so they can be adapted to whatever evolution you want to use them as fodder for. Recommended for three-star to four-star evolutions especially. And use them to prepare other monsters (potential evolution fodder) by maxing out their levels so that they can evolve, as well. Flexibility is key.

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The best time to take advantage of this is when the Rainbow Angelmon Garden and the Angel Garden are open, which comes at completely random times that you won’t know about in advance. These are the places to stock up on loads of Angelmon. so that you can then use them to level and evolve others, and even each other, far more quickly and far more easily.

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