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Guide to Buster Bash for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints, Strategies

Anybody who enjoys games such as Flick Home Run, or is a San Francisco Giants fan, or both, will enjoy Buster Bash, which is the official mobile game of all star catcher Buster Posey.

Your goal is to make it from the backyard all the way to the big leagues by playing through a number of stages, accomplishing a number of goals, and hitting as many home runs as absolutely possible, while collecting sunflower seeds in the process, which you can use to buy even better equipment. Read on for some tips and tricks for Buster Bash!

If you are having trouble making contact with the ball, slow down your swipe a bit. It’s tempting to swipe as fast as you can, but often the game doesn’t read the swipe when you do that. The slower you swipe, the easier it is to make contact (although if you swipe very slowly it’s tough to hit home runs).

Also, if you hold your thumb down for a second or two before swiping at the pitch, you will make better contact when you do the swipe. You’ll be able to tell if you did it correctly because the red streak following the swipe will be wide if you did it right, and narrower if you didn’t hold your thumb down beforehand.

One way to get a ton of sunflower seeds is to do the following. Go back to the Backyard in Leesburg, GA (doesn’t matter what stage you are currently at in the game, as you can still do this either way). Smash a few homers and collect a bunch of sunflower seeds. Collect as many of them as possible before you start to literally run out of seeds for the ball to pick up. When they start becoming more trouble than they are worth, stop swinging and watch every ball go buy until the stage is done. Repeat over and over again to get a ton of seeds.

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