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MLB Home Run Derby is a new game for the iPhone and iPad that’s licensed by Major League Baseball itself. In this game you can play in either the 2010, 2011 or 2012 home run derby with one of the players who competed in the derby. You can play in either the official home run derby mode, which has the same rules as the real thing, or the arcade mode, where you simply try to hit as many homers as you can in a set amount of time. Read on for some tips and tricks for both modes in MLB Home Run Derby!

When you run out of tickets in this game, you can no longer play in the home run derby matches; you have to wait until at least one ticket regenerates, and it takes at least 3 and a half hours for one single ticket to regenerate. However, it costs zero tickets to play in the arcade mode, so play in this one as often as possible to earn as many coins as you can, so that you can buy better equipment.

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Or, alternatively, set the time ahead by going to your phone or tablet settings in your iPhone or iPad. Set it ahead by 11 hours or more and you’ll regenerate all three tickets at once (or more tickets, if you’ve increased your maximum tickets by buying another player with MLBucks). You can do this trick as many times as you want, meaning that you can play the Home Run Derby an unlimited amount of times if you want to.

The more home runs that you hit in the game, the tougher the pitches will get. When you have between 0 and 3 home runs, every pitch will be right down the middle, so you don’t have to adjust your aim at all. After your fifth home run, though (or when the second round starts, in home run derby mode), the pitches will be all over the place, requiring you to make quick adjustments in order to actually hit homers.

Figure out the perfect timing for hitting homers, and then play the arcade mode over and over to save up enough coins to get better equipment, and then use some of those MLBucks to unlock more equipment slots. With better equipment you can hit even more homers, thus earning yourself even more coins and MLBucks as you go.

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