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Not Not: A Brain Buster – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Not Not: A Brain Buster is a new iOS and Android puzzle game that has the same basic concept as a Simon Says kind of game, but expanded. Your goal is to swipe in whatever direction the game tells you to swipe, or not to swipe, and complete all of the steps without making a misstep or hitting the wrong direction. Read on for some tips and tricks for Not Not: A Brain Buster!

At the very beginning the game will be simple enough; all that you will have to do is swipe in the direction that it tells you to. Once the “nots” start coming in, though, you’ll have to think a little faster. It helps to have a default direction in your mind to swipe in for the “nots”. For example, swipe up for anything with a “not”, as long as it’s not “not up”.

Head to different sets of levels and new challenges will appear. For example, in The Void, the cube will be clear. In The Colorist, many of the steps will involve you walking toward a specific glowing color on the side of the cube instead of walking in a specific direction. As you unlock more sets of levels, you will see all of the various challenges that get presented.

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If you want to see them before you unlock them, then go to the endless mode. The farther you make it into the round, the more different challenges will appear that you can see in later levels. If you get far enough in, you can see every single one of the possible challenges that you can face.

Hearts/lives are the game’s form of energy. If you run out of hearts, either you can wait for them to come back, or you can get more of them for free by tapping on the video icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You can watch as many of these videos as you want, as long as you have a good internet connection and videos are available. If videos run out, then shut off and restart the game to find more of them.

If you lose on a level or during endless mode, you will get the option to spend a heart to restart. If you don’t spend a heart, then you’ll be done, but if you do spend a heart, then you’ll start the round again, from the point total that you left off at. Save them for when you lose during a good run (e.g. just a few more points left to beat the level) as opposed to trying to salvage a bad run.