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Guide to Infinite Warrior for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Infinite Warrior is one of the few games that invents a new genre. It’s an endless-fighting game. It’s like a cross between an endless runner and a rhythm game, in which you have to swipe in the direction that the game tells you to swipe, and do it quickly enough, to kill the enemy and continue onto the next round. It’s a very simple concept, but it can become very addicting, and before you know you can kill your phone battery playing this game so much. Read on for some tips and tricks for Infinite Warrior!

The method of play is simple, in that each time an arrow appears, you have to swipe in the same direction that the arrow points in order to kill an enemy. If you swipe the wrong direction, then the game is not over, though; you can still swipe the correct direction before the enemy pops up, and if you swipe correctly, you will kill them.

If you swipe too quickly, though, then sometimes the screen will not read the swipe, and your warrior will die. To prevent this from happening, swipe slowly, and swipe all the way up, down, or across the screen, rather than doing a short, quick swipe. If you do this, the game will read your swipes every time, and any loss on a level will merely be because you didn’t swipe in time to kill the enemy.

Once you get further on into the main level, which is the Crow’s Landing, the game will speed up enough that you might have two arrows come right after the other, or even three or more different levels. There are other levels that you can unlock later in the game, but until the developers debut them, you won’t be able to play them, so keep checking back for updates.

Buy various pieces of equipment in the store in order to get bonuses. If you buy a sword, you will earn more points when you enter Bloodlust mode. If you buy a helmet, then you will earn more gold. If you buy armor, you will be able to unleash bloodlust after fewer attacks. If you buy a shield, then you will get a head start in the next stage that you play.