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Guide to Monster Tower (MonTower) for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Monster Tower, or MonTower for short (not to be confused with Montowers ~Legend of Summoners, which is a whole different game) is a tower defense game for the iPhone and other iOS systems by Nowcom. Your goal is to send a bunch of monsters out to protect an egg in a nest with a baby dragon inside of it, and for your monsters to destroy the opposing knights and the gate which they use to enter the arena. You have a large number of levels and stages that you can fight through, which get progressively harder every time. Read on for some tips and tricks for Monster Tower!

When you start off the game for about the first ten levels or so, you should use slimes almost exclusively, even after you unlock efreet. Wait until the monster summon energy fills up initially, using arrows and spike traps to slow down enemies while you’re waiting. Then, once it fills up to 40, send in a whole crew of slimes, mixing an efreet in every now and then after you unlock them.

Later on, right around level 9 or 10, it gets much tougher because you’ll have large knights coming at you as well. At that point, use your coins to unlock the turtle. Use the turtles to take damage while the efreets and slimes (especially the efreets, considering their long distance attacks) do the damage.

Don’t use your coins to upgrade the monsters that you already have, at all, unless it’s the turtle, since those upgrades will actually have a fairly decent effect. For the slimes and efreets, though, the improvement is not consequential enough to be worth it. Save those coins so that you can unlock new monsters later on.

In order to increase the number of monsters that you can send out in a shorter amount of time, use your trap upgrades to upgrade the arrow trap to level three as soon as possible (ignore the dragon trap, since it’s nearly worthless). After that, when you level up again, unlock the “Summon Energy Recovery” and then level it up with every subsequent level that you gain.