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Guide to MLB Full Deck for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

MLB Full Deck is a new card battling baseball game by GREE for the iPhone, the iPod Touch and other iOS devices. In this game you are the manager of a baseball team, and your goal is to do battle against other teams and other players for pride, money and card prizes, as well as baseball collectibles that can then be traded in for rare cards. Your cards can range from common and uncommon cards all the way up to superstar cards. Read on for some tips and tricks for MLB Full Deck!

At the beginning of the game, you will have a choice of which rare player you want to start the game with. Start with the pitcher, if one of the cards to choose from is a pitcher, because they will affect the entire game once they’re in it, so they will, by definition, be more useful to you.

Each time that you get a card as a bonus while you are playing a game against the computer, go back to the Manage Roster screen, and hit the Autofill button to automatically fill your roster with the best available players. Also do this every time that you start a new game. By doing this you will always assure that you have the strongest possible players in your current starting lineup.

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Skip the training on common cards, and train only rarely on uncommon cards, unless they have a high points rating to begin with. Try to save your training for cards such as the rare, superstar and limited edition cards if you get them, because they will more earn points for their rating than the common and uncommon cards will.

You get bonuses for inviting other players in the social area of the game, so find as many ways as you can to make friends in the game. Connect with Facebook and you will earn 100 free diamonds. Add friends on Facebook and you can earn bonuses depending on how many friends you add, ranging from silver coins to superstar cards and loads of free diamonds. Post your friend code on the Apple App store to get people to see it, as well as on message boards run by GREE and other MLB Full Deck message boards.

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