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Block Buster: Gem of Arena – Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Block Buster: Gem of Arena is a ball-launching game in the same vain as Bricks and Balls, but with a mobile RPG twist to it. You can collect cards and battle against other players in various multiplayer battles, and load up on packs with coins, gems, new cards and card upgrade elements, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Block Buster: Gem of Arena!

In battle you have to be quick, first and foremost, because the more time that you take in between moves, the more obstacles your opponent can hit you with if they’re playing quickly as well. But if you move quickly, you can get multiple rounds of hits in before your opponent can dump gray blocks on you. Move quickly, but make careful shots as well; don’t waste shots by firing off a shot that only hits one brick and then quits. Hit as many bricks as possible.

To do this, look for the hole in the brick stack and then fire up into it so that the ball bounces around, hits walls, bounces around, and smashes up against brick after brick. The bigger your combo, the more gray blocks you’ll foist upon your opponent. You can help yourself by hitting the special blocks such as bombs, line-clearing gems, and others that pop up often, as well.

There are three modes of battle. Battle is one-on-one, meaning it’s the simplest and arguably the easiest one, because it’s just you and another player. Survival pits you against three players in an elimination battle, where the last player standing wins. You have to play extra quickly here because if you slip even a little bit, you’ll get piled on hard. Then there’s the 2 vs 2 team mode, which is not all that different from the 1 vs 1 mode; you have two enemies, but also a teammate, so it’s not tougher unless you have a slow teammate.

You’ll load up on new special attack cards as you play, but without testing them out, you won’t know which ones are truly the most effective. Take the time to swap cards in and out and test them out for your style of play, to see which ones are the most effective. And keep in mind how an upgrade will effect a specific card, as well.

You’ll also load up on gold coins and gems as you go through the game, even if you don’t make any in-app purchases. Save up your gems so that you can purchase the 800 gem card deck and earn the most and rarest possible cards. You can buy 10 of the 100-coin decks per day, so buy them when you have the extra coin to do so.

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In addition to all of the coins that you earn just by playing and winning, go to the main menu and you’ll have access to ad video offers that earn you 100 coins apiece. You can watch 20 of these ads per day, so do that to max out on the coins so that you can upgrade your cards and get a ton of new ones.


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