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Buster Bash for iPhone: How to get more Sunflower Seeds

Buster Bash is a home run derby game for the iPhone starring major leaguer Buster Posey. It is the official game of Posey, and it takes you back through his journey from the backyard in Georgia all the way up to the big leagues! Sunflower Seeds are the main currency in the game, and in order for you to buy better equipment, you need to get more Sunflower Seeds. So what are some good ways to get more? Read on!

There are a couple ways to get free seeds even outside of simply playing the game. One of them is by watching videos for free seeds. To get a video, simply start a game, then pause the game, and hit the “quit” button. Right after you quit, the game will prompt you to watch a video in order to get free seeds. Do this over and over as many times as you want to.

Another way to do so is to go to the store tab after a game. Once you are in the store tab, there will be a blue button on the left side that says “free seeds”. Tap that button and you will get a pop up with various offers, most of them free, that you can accomplish to get free seeds. If you log onto Tapjoy, you can access even more offers that will earn you free seeds that aren’t in the game itself.

At any point in the game, one of the best ways to earn seeds is simply to go back to the backyard in Leesburg, with all of your fancy new equipment especially if it’s later on in the game, and hit some homers. Smash a bunch of homers until you knock off most of the seeds that are in the air, and then set the game down and let the pitcher throw the rest of the pitches.

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Once the pitcher is done throwing all of his pitches, the game will end, so simply start it up and do the same thing over again!

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