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Epic ™ (iOS app) Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Epic ™ is a new iPhone and iPad game based on the new movie of the same name by Dreamworks. The storyline of the game ties in closely with the movie as you join the world of the Leafmen, the soldiers who protect the forest from the evil creatures known as the Boggans. To do so you train new leafmen, send them off to battle, and collect various resources such as seeds, nectar and aura, as well as gain experience points so that you can increase your level and unlock new buildings. Read on for some tips and tricks for Epic for iOS!

The easiest way to get through the game, typically, is to complete all of the quests, one after the other, as quickly as possible. Do this and you’ll earn the most seeds, nectar and aura, but you should plan for when you shut the app off, too. Maximize your storage space of seeds and nectar by upgrading the nectar reservoir and seed stashes as high as you can for storage reasons, then maximizing and upgrading your seed blossom and nectar springs so that you can produce more of them. When you come back to the game after a good period of time, you will have a LOT to collect.

Some leafmen are strong or weak against a specific type of element (for example, steel is strong against wood and wind and water is strong against steel and rock). The game will automatically place your characters against the enemy characters according to which elements have strength, but you might want to change it up again at tough battles where you can’t win. Double-team strong enemies in a battle, for example, and forget matching against the weaker ones in the same battle.

Keep your various types of barracks upgraded too, that way you will have the strongest leafmen available. Upgrade your great hall first (because you have to in order to get better soldiers). Save up your seeds and nectar and max out your storage of both, and load up in order to be able to afford a great hall upgrade.

Once you get the theater, watch the “movies” (aka advertisements) as often as possible in order to get more aura for free. Then, you can spend it on some real good limited edition buildings or upgrades.