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Guide to The Croods for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

The Croods is a new game for the iPhone and other iOS devices that is based off the Dreamworks movie of the same name. It plays very similarly to Little Dragons and Dragon Story minus the breeding aspect, and plus a whole lot of other resources and aspects besides simply collecting coins. You can trap and house all of the popular animals such as the molarbear and giraffaphant, and even enter redeem codes that you may find for all sorts of cool bonuses. Read on for some tips and tricks for The Croods!

Out of all of the animals that you have, the most important one is the Molarbear, because he gives you carrots, which can often be in scarce supply and are used for feeding multiple animals. If you pick one animal to either trap multiples of, to level up, or to evolve their home, in the interest of getting more resources in your cave, the Molarbear should be the main one.

Leveling up the animals using your supply of Ugga’s soup will make the game much easier to keep up with. Level up the most advanced animal that you currently have because this will allow you to feed them more of one food, so that they produce another food, and they produce it far more quickly as well, thus making it easier to simply wait around when you aren’t playing the game, then go back and load up on resources.

Your best bet for leveling up and advancing rapidly is simply to complete Gran’s chores as quickly as possible. The game is set up so that completing all of Gran’s chores is essentially the only way to gain levels unless you want to spend hours and days collecting resources, trapping and releasing animals, and whatnot, so if you want to advance quickly, ignore absolutely everything that has nothing to do with your quests, and do only the stuff that you need to do to complete the chores.

Save your crystals for later on in the game, rather than using them up all at once, even if the game seems like it is going by a little bit more slowly early on. The further that you get into the game, the more that the game will begin to slow down even more, and at that point, your crystals will come in handy far more than they would have early on in the game, when it only takes mere minutes to wait for buildings to complete and resources to accumulate.