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Guide to Wonder Zoo for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Wonder Zoo is a new zoo game for the iPhone and other iOS systems by Gameloft. This game is similar to other zoo games in that you get to keep a collection of animals in your zoo, mostly real, but some of them fantasy animals such as gryphons and basilisks. It differs, however, in that you get to capture the animals by going on a safari in the savannah, chase down the sick animal, give it food to capture it, and heal it and then keep it in your zoo. You can even find mates and breed your animals. Of course, the graphics in this game are also awesome. Read on for some tips and tricks for Wonder Zoo!

To collect coins, complete the breeding of animals, or to get other things done in the game requires time. For example, you have to wait for the animals to finish breeding, wait for the buildings to be ready to be collected from, and whatnot. However, there is a way you can completely circumvent that, without messing up anything in the game or without messing up your ability to collect coins later.

What you do is to start the process of breeding, for the building to start collecting, etc. Then, go to the date and time settings for your iPhone, iPod or whatever device you are using, and set the time ahead by however much time you need to spend in order to collect. Then, go back to the game and collect the coins, or put the animal that just bred into the pen.

Then, go to the date and time and set it back to normal, and go back to the game, and everything will be just the same as it was before you set the time back to the normal time. You can do this trick over and over again.

Each time that you build a new animal pen, dirt roads will automatically be built around it. Once this happens, if you need more room to crowd buildings together, go to the store, then go to the “edit” menu. Once there, start tapping on the dirt roads and hitting the center icon, which will put them into storage. Do this on all of the dirt roads and then start moving buildings so that they are right next to each other to make a ton of extra room.


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