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Fruit Attacks – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Fruit Attacks is a new action puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms. All types of fruit are attacking from outer space, so your goal is to knock them out by firing all kinds of shots and using your Sati’s skills. You can fire bendy shots, just like in the movie Assassin, in order to take as many of them with you as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to beat Fruit Attacks!

You have five lives in this game and if you lose a life, normally you will have to wait half an hour for it to return. If you want to get your lives back right away, set the time on your phone or your tablet ahead by half an hour and then go back to the game and your lives will all be restored. Plus if you set the time back to normal after you do this, you won’t lose any of your ill-gotten lives!

Even though you can bend shots, remember that you can also simply just shoot a straight shot if you use one finger, like in a bubble shooter. Take advantage of this especially if you have to think fast and you keep messing up other shots. You can keep a combo going for a long time even with these straight shots.

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You can upgrade your Sati by earning golden seeds and then spending them on the upgrade; when you do, its special ability will become more powerful. If you want to earn a lot of golden seeds, go back to old stages and beat them again and again so that you can earn an unlimited number, essentially. The more recent the stage, the more golden seeds you can earn from beating it.

Maximize all of the good stuff inside of your house, too. Your pet can bring you back golden seeds, and even ruby seeds (the premium currency of the game). You can spend these on such goodies as new Sati or mini-Sati (which will give you a passive stat boost), or on buying upgrades to one or the other.

If you want an extra challenge, go to the nightmare mode. Nightmare mode opens up for an episode after you beat the normal version of said episode. It’s like the daytime equivalent of the episode except much more difficult, but you can earn bigger rewards from playing the nightmare mode.