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Monster Maestro for iPhone: how to get more rare cards and Gold Card Packs

In Monster Maestro, rare cards are often considered to be the ‘holy grail’ of card collection – well, after super rare cards, that is. Rare cards are not only less common than the common and uncommon cards; they are also more powerful and more sought after. When you have more rare monsters in your collection, you can use common monsters to power them up massively, and you can win battles that you otherwise might have had trouble with. Read on to find out how to get more rare cards and gold card packs!

One way to get rare cards WITHOUT having to use a gold card pack to do so is to use your friendship points to open a card pack. Every time that you do, you have a chance of randomly getting a rare or uncommon card. To make it a quicker process, choose the option to get 10 cards at once (this costs 10 times the amount of friendship points to do so) If you get nothing but common cards, then you can always evolve them, trade them, or just use them to power up your existing rare cards.

You can get free GCP Claim Tickets (which earn you free gold card packs) randomly when you beat a boss at the end of the final quest in a world. Once you beat a boss and get a GCP Claim Ticket, use it to open a gold card pack and get a rare monster.

Put treasure pieces together to get rare cards. Go to the treasure tab in the menu to see what you have, or go to the battle tab and you can target people specifically based upon what treasures they have that you need. In addition, event treasures, which change over time depending on event is going on, can earn you rare cards too.

Of course, you can also trade with other players in order to get rare cards. Your best trade bait will be uncommon and uncommon+ cards, especially those which you have earned by using the trivolve function. In fact, you can trivolve a rare card, Damoa. Try to put together excellent trade packages (such as uncommon cards that have been powered up massively by common cards, or packages of multiple uncommon cards plus rare items) to convince others to accept your trade proposals.

And finally, always check out the My Page for the latest events that can earn you rare cards and gold card packs. New ones are added all the time!

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