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I Am MT: Card Battle – How to get rare cards (3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 star cards)

There is an insane amount of card rarities (and of cards in general) in I Am MT: Card Battle. One star and two star cards are the most common type. Once you get to three stars, you get to a more rare type of card. Four stars are even rarer, while five stars are almost impossible to find. Six and seven star cards are more rare than a unicorn with a pegleg, but unbelievably, they actually do exist. Read on to find out how to get rare cards such as these in I Am MT: Card Battle!

One way to get rare cards (the most difficult way) is to synthesize cards. To do this, you have to get actual card pieces, which can be done by either earning them in battles or by finding them in FP card packs (friend point card packs, which you open with free friend points). You have to find enough card pieces of the same monster card (sometimes, as many as 10 or 12 pieces of the card), and then hit the “synthesize” menu, which unlocks after level 10.

It’s possible to earn rare cards when opening the aforementioned free card packs; however, you’ll get at least a three-star card, and very frequently cards of even higher rarity, when you open the rune card packs. It costs 280 runes to buy a card pack, so save up the runes that you earn from completing dungeons and from events.

As a reward for beating boss battles, you can often earn rare cards. Their drop frequency is random, though. Play through the dungeons again if you don’t earn them the first time, and then play through the elite versions of each dungeon.

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You can earn rare cards for completing the various limited time events that come up. Go to the dungeon area and tab over to “events” on the right side of the screen, and try to complete the battles. The harder the battles, the better the cards. This is one of the ways to get cars of MORE than four stars.

You can evolve a two star card and turn it into a three star card if you are using the applicable armor set. You can also evolve a three star into a four star.