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I Am MT: Card Battle (iOS) How to get more AP (energy), card pieces and equipment

I Am MT is Locojoy’s new iOS card battling game based on the I Am MT cartoon. You can get really rare cards in this game by synthesizing cards, and to do that, you need to have enough card pieces to do so. Energy, or AP, is the limiting factor for how much you can do in this game. Luckily, energy doesn’t run out very quickly, but there are times when it will and you want to earn it back very quickly. Equipment is necessary to complete armor sets, which are needed for evolution of your cards. Read on to find out how to get more of all three of these!

Synthesizing can first be done once you hit level 10. To synthesize a new card you need a number of card pieces. You can either get universal card pieces or card-specific pieces. To be able to synthesize a card, you need at least half of the pieces to be card specific. For example, if there are twelve required pieces, six of them must be card specific. The rest of them can be universal, if you want them to.

You can earn more card pieces in the same way that you earn more cards. Most of them will be dropped in dungeons, but they will be dropped with FAR less frequency than the cards themselves will. You simply need to keep playing and pray that you find them. They can be earned using friend point summons as well, and with more frequency than the dungeon drops, so use your hard earned friend points on summons whenever you can.

To get more AP or energy, there are a number of ways. You can simply wait for it to come back over time, and luckily, it regenerates quickly. You can go to the store and spend 50 runes for a full refill of your energy/AP. Finally, when you gain a level, you regain a good portion of your AP/energy. The more empty your bar is, the more of it you regain, although it won’t always be a full refill.

Equipment can be found by playing in the dungeons, and is dropped with almost the same frequency that cards are (I.E. fairly often). Each dungeon has specific types of equipment drops, though, so to complete different armor sets, you’ll need to go to different dungeons, or to go to elite versions of the same dungeon. You’ll find equipment in the event dungeons as well.