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Spirit Stones: How to evolve, enchant and equip your cards

Spirit Stones is a card battling game with an attitude. Despite the cute and sometimes suggestive anime-style graphics, this game will kick you in the teeth if you are only used to super easy Rage of Bahamut clones. To bring the game back to a more manageable level, you are going to have to enchant and evolve your cards, and equip them in order to make them stronger. Read on for a full guide on how to do just that!

Enchanting your cards is done in the “enchant” menu under Cards. Your method is to pick a card, then pick anywhere between one and eight sacrifice cards. Enchant them if you have the gold to do so, and the sacrifice cards will disappear, while the gaining card will be rewarded with experience points.

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You’ll gain an especially high amount of experience points during enchantment by using the various Princess cards (e.g. Touch of Princess, Kiss of Princess, etc) as sacrifice cards. They are completely useless during battle, their only real purpose is to serve as sacrifice cards for enhancements, so use them for exactly that purpose. It’s recommended to save them for your rare cards.

Evolution is done by combining two identical cards together, to turn them into a version of the same card that’s one rank higher. You have either N, N+, N++, N+++ and R cards (and then start adding plus signs to the rare cards for the chain that goes up to super rare cards). Start evolving them in order to begin the string.

You will need two N cards to get one N+ card from evolution. Then you will need two N+ cards for one N++ cards, two N++ cards to make one N+++ card, and then one N+++ card to make one R card. You won’t be able to evolve this final rare card anymore, but if you get base level rare cards (I.E. didn’t evolve them to get there) and you have duplicates, you will be able to start evolving to R+, R++, R+++ and SR. All in all, it takes a total of sixteen base level cards to evolve to the maximum level.

Once you get equipment, check out the color of the equipment to see which of your cards can equip it – and if you have colorless equipment cards, they can be equipped by any of your characters. Go to the My Card screen and tap on any open equipment slots for a card of the right color. Each card has up to two equipment slots – once equipment is equipped, it cannot be unequipped unless you destroy it. Tap on the piece of equipment to destroy it.