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Spirit Stones – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Spirit Stones is a new Gamevil puzzle-card RPG type of game. Unlike Puzzle and Dragons and its countless clones, Spirit Stones uses a hex-grid match game mode to handle the battling, similarly to LINE Pokopang. Your goal in this game is to quest through the world, battle against other players and collect all of the spirit stones, while also fighting in Hellgate raid battles against insanely tough bosses. Read on for some tips and tricks for Spirit Stones!

Quest battles are extra difficult in this game, compared to others of the same genre. It can be tempting to start messing with the colors of your team members in order to get the highest attack power possible, but auto-set your party and don’t mess with it. Bonus pieces need certain troops to appear – swords need warriors, bombs need thieves, arrows need archers and potions need mages. So leave one of every color in your party.

The easiest way to get more rare cards is to buy cards using gold (do the 11 card purchase for 50,000 gold) or to earn them from repeating quests over and over, get a ton of repeat cards for evolution purposes, and start doing mass evolutions. You’ll need two N’s for an N+, two N+ for an N++, two N++ for an N+++ and two N+++ for a rare card, so you will need a total of sixteen identical N cards to eventually make a rare. However, the extra power in your formation is worth it.

Target wisely when in battle. Always target the enemy monster who has the least turns upcoming until their attack. Otherwise, target any one enemy at a time. If you are fighting against an enemy party with one healer, then target the healer first or the rest of the monsters will be extremely and unduly difficult to kill.

Going to the social menu and adding friend codes is a good way to earn big bonuses. Go to the Spirit Stones page on the App Store or Google Play, and hit the reviews, then look for people who have posted their codes, and input their codes. Or post yours in the comments page below, or on the Facebook page for the game.

Once you earn all of the bonuses for one particular stage, replay that stage again and you will start earning random cards instead. You’ll find some surprisingly rare cards this way (not in rarity rank but in actual rarity), and if you evolve them, you can add something different to your team that’s worthwhile to add.

Enchant your cards, and make sure that all of your current cards are equipped in both slots. While the equipment might not make much of a hit points or attack power difference on the surface, this can often be the difference between a bad loss and an easy win.

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