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Idle Heroes – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Idle Heroes is a new idle RPG for the iOS and Android platform where you get together a band of six heroes, send them into both idle and (surprisingly) active battles, quest from one level to the next, power up your characters, and fight against other players. You have a nearly endless assortment of equipment and rare (up to 10-star) heroes that you can add to your party, and you can load up on coins, gems, spirit, and hero promotion stones. Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Heroes!

To make sure that your rewards are as high as they can be, go to the campaign mode, tap on the current battle and hit the “battle” button and fight the boss battle in order to move onto the next level. Once you pass the battle, wait for the cool-down to end and then do the same thing over again. Keep doing this until you can no longer go any further due to not being powerful enough, then hit the heroes menu to start doing upgrades.

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Spirit (the green stone) is required in order to level up your heroes, but once you max out the level, you need the purple stone (Hero Promotion Stones) in order to keep up with the levels. The quickest way to get this is by fighting in the arena and then selecting the prize after you win. Typically, you have a one out of three shot that it’s the hero promotion stone.

Be sure to continually take stock of your equipment, because you earn so much of it. Hit the blacksmith to forge some far more powerful and more rare equipment using your common equipment, and any time that you unlock a new hero, hit their respective equipment menu and fill up their equipment. Then hit the altar and sacrifice common heroes in order to earn more spirit, so that your rare hero can be leveled up higher.

Before you make a run for the arena, look over all of the stats of your heroes so that you can be sure that the ones with the highest defense are in the front of the party. Two strong tanks in front will make it far more difficult for any enemy to kill the rest of your party, compared to putting two strong attackers or two strong healers in front (for example). Watch how the defensive stats change as you level your heroes up, too.

Complete the missions and quests in order to earn loads of rewards, such as gems which are the premium currency of the game. Additionally, do as much as possible to participate in the events, of which there are many. The limited-time events usually come with the best prizes in the game, although they can be difficult to earn.