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Golf Boy! – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Golf Boy! is a new endless-distance golfing game for the iOS and Android platforms. It’s fundamentally the same as Baseball Boy, with the exception of an added putt after your drive if you find that you’ve made it onto the green. Your goal is to collect gold and gems, upgrade your golfer’s drives, and try to make as much money as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Golf Boy!

Your first and best bet, of course, is to hit it straight for that ‘perfect’ shot, but as you upgrade your speed and power, a little bit more of a margin for error pops up. The reason for this is that the harder you hit the ball, the harder that it will rebound once it bounces off a tree, and if you miss by just a little bit, you can end up hitting a tree and often bouncing onto the green instead of onto the fairway.

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If you have video ads available, watch a video for that goldenball bonus on the first chance that you get. Goldenball multiplies all of your gold by x3 for as long as it lasts, and a video ad will buy you a goldenball. Gems buy you multiple goldenballs, and VIP mode allows you to use goldenballs forever.

The single quickest way to earn money in this game is to get a hole-in-one, or an eagle as it’s credited in the game. If you hit a hole-in-one, you’ll earn thousands and thousands of gold, and if you hit a putt into the hole on the second shot, you’ll also get a nice large bonus. The jackpot is also a quick way to earn gold, so if you really want to run the game, use a jackpot spin on an eagle shot for a chance at millions of coins.

Putting is arguably the most difficult thing to do in the game, because you have to control both the speed of the putt and the direction. Luckily, in this game, you don’t have to deal with any hills; every course is completely flat. So aim straight and true, and go for slightly less distance than you think you will need; too quick and even a perfect putt will bounce out of the hole, yet your ball has lots of roll time before it stops, so a soft putt should do most of the time.

You can unlock new golfers with each distance milestone that you reach (250, then 500, etc). If you want to unlock new planets/worlds, then finish off all of the distance milestones on your current world (for example, there are seven distance milestones on earth) and then you’ll unlock the next one.