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Pro Feel Golf – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Pro Feel Golf is a new golfing game for the iOS platform by Behaviour Interactive. What separates this from other golf games is the goal-based style, in that not only do you have a par to try to beat for every hole, but you also have a set of three goals to make per stage. Each hole its its own stage, and on each stage you can earn three stars – and like a Candy Crush type of game, there are TONS of stages for you to play, more added with each update. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pro Feel Golf!

As you complete more and more stages you earn both stars and coins. Coins are mainly used to purchase new styles of clubs and balls as well as to upgrade what you already have. Of course, you need to earn more stars in order to unlock the ability to purchase and upgrade more balls and clubs, but be sure to build up a big collection.

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After you pull back and aim the shot you can either do an early, late, good, great or perfect shot. If you didn’t get it perfect, just let it go, let the ball expand as far as it will go, and then your golfer won’t take a shot. Instead, you will be able to try to aim it again, and you can go for the perfect shot this time. You can do this as many times per hole as you need to in order to feel comfortable with your shot.

If you need more stars and more coins, go back to older stages that you haven’t earned all three stars on, and play them over again. You’ll earn the coin bonus for whatever new stars you earn. If you don’t earn any new stars or you have earned all three stars already and are just replaying it again for the points, you will still earn a coin bonus. All you have to do is grind the stage.

For a good extra bonus, go to the daily and play in the tournament. You will have some kind of odd requirements that you have to meet, such as a specific type of ball or a specific type of club. In these stages, your score under par (or over par) will count toward how many coins you earn as a bonus. Play this every day for a chance at earning all of the bonuses.

Hit the skip button after every ball that you hit if you want to speed up the game and you don’t care about watching the shot that you just took. You won’t see any of what you did so if you are struggling you will have to go back and watch your future shot if you want to find out where you are going wrong, but in general it’s good for speeding up the game.