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Golf Orbit: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Golf Orbit is a new golf game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to hit a drive as long as possible, then putt it into the hole. You can hit it a nearly unlimited distance by upgrading your power, speed, and bounce, and then earn gold coins and gems. Read on for some tips and tricks for Golf Orbit!

The most basic part of the game is that you earn more coins depending on the distance that you hit the ball. The longer the distance, the more coins. If you hit it onto the green, though, you have a chance to putt, and if you make it, you’ll score a birdie, which triples your coins. Hitting a hole-in-one rewards you with an eagle, which gives you 10X the coins.

When you finish your shot, you will have a video offer available to earn 3x the coins in exchange for viewing a 30-second ad. The ad usually isn’t worth it on bad hits, but on good hits, watch the ad and make the money. When you get an eagle or a birdie, especially watch the ad, because that will afford you a HUGE amount of upgrades.

You’ll fill the jackpot bar with each game you play, and when it’s full, you get to spin the prize wheel for up to a 100x increase in coins. Save the jackpot until you hit an eagle, or if you rarely get that many eagles, then save it until you hit a birdie. Pair a jackpot spin with a long-distance eagle, and you’ll have massive amounts of money.

So what should you spend your gems on? The most obvious answer is a new type of ball. The golden ball will earn you a 3x multiplier, but that can only be gotten from an in-app purchase or from watching an ad video every time that you want to use one. Scroll through the other ball colors, and you’ll find ones that can be purchased with gems, which provide permanent boosts, such as double speed, double power, or in the case of the Extra Ball, a permanent 3x boost in earnings and power.

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You can unlock new worlds, too. First, unlock new characters by hitting the ball a specific distance (specified by the game), then putting the ball into the hole past that distance. Each time that you make a new distance, a new character will be unlocked. Make enough new distances, and you’ll unlock the next world in line.