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Bricks N Balls – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

The five power-ups all have different, effective uses that can help you beat the tougher levels in the game. The first one is Quake, which destroys a random number of blocks on the screen. The second one is Ray, which places 4 ray tiles (the tiles that send out a laser beam to the left and right when you hit them). The third one is Remove, which clears out the entire bottom line of bricks. The fourth one is Add Balls, which adds a significant number of balls for one turn. The fifth is Iron Blocks, which layer the bottom of the screen with five iron blocks for one shot.

Oftentimes, unless you have a bunch of slanted bricks on the level, one of the most effective ways to clear everything out is to aim the ball to the lowest/most horizontal trajectory possible, and then fire. Balls will often bounce up the side of the formation, bouncing rapidly off of bricks and walls and destroying them extremely quickly. One of the best uses for this is later on in the level, when all of the slanted bricks are cleared out.

You can change the game to day mode or night mode, depending on when you’re playing and what color palette you like better. During a game, tap on the sun/moon icon at the top of the screen. If the game is in night mode, tap the sun icon to brighten up the colors. If it’s in day mode, tap the moon icon to darken the colors and make it easier on the eyes.

Another way to get more balls is to hit pause, then go to the button that says “+3” and click it. Once you tap it, a thirty-second ad video will play. You will only get three balls from this, but sometimes, three balls is enough to knock out one or two shots worth of bricks, allowing you to easily score a higher point total.

In the settings area, there is a Gift Center, where you can input gift codes and receive a free gift. Mostly, this is used for things such as bonuses and refunds provided directly by the developers. Keep up with the game on social media and on Game Center/Google Play, though, for a chance to find gift codes in Bricks N Balls.

Every time that you log in, you get a free daily gift. You can choose to use a video reward to double the quantity of the gift, as long as you have a data connection. If you choose to simply collect the gift without a video, but then change your mind and want to double it later, go back to the daily check in menu and the video will still be available, and will double your previous reward when you finish watching it.

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