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Idle Armies – How to Prestige and how to load up on Skulls and Hearts

Idle Armies is a hugely popular new mobile idle RPG in which you play as both the heroes and the villains, and switch off between the two armies. Eventually you will be able to have a final battle between the two sides, and when the battle is over, both armies will prestige, which earns you skulls and hearts. Just having the battle isn’t enough – there are ways to greatly increase and maximize the number of skulls and hearts that you get every time that you prestige. Read on for some tips on how to load up on skulls and hearts in Idle Armies!

When you go to the battle menu, you’ll see how many hearts and skulls you’ll earn if you fight the final battle at that very moment. Whichever side wins will get bonus hearts or skulls as well, on top of those that were given as a base. If you want one side to win, make sure that their DPS is specifically higher than the other side.

One of the big factors into your overall earnings will be how many bosses you have beaten. You will get skulls and hearts as a reward for each boss that you defeat, so don’t just prestige right away as soon as the battle screen become available. Keep going and beat as many bosses as you can. Once it becomes excessively time-consuming to beat enough enemies to swap, and impossible to beat bosses even with maximum hero/villain upgrades purchased, then prestige.

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Every time that you see a perk tower, you’ll get two possible options to pick from, each of which will boost you in some way. Any time that you see a hearts or skulls boost (e.g. beating a boss gives you +2 additional hearts or skulls), then take that boost over any other available one, because it’s going to pay off far better after you battle and prestige.

Your villain crew will likely be very far behind your hero crew in terms of bosses and power, due to the fact that they tend to hit the swap point more quickly. If you’re still mowing down heroes as a villain, wait for awhile to swap, until you hit the point where the swap DPS boost will come in handy. Try to even out your steps between the heroes and villains to the highest degree possible.

Once you do the battle and prestige, you will be able to spend your hearts or skulls in the castle. When you are using the hero army, the castle only sells you stuff for the heroes, which you pay hearts for. Go to the castle as a villain and you will be able to buy boosts for the villains, which are paid for by using only skulls.