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Ball Smasher (Idle Ball Crush): Prestige Guide: How to Prestige Quickly

Ball Smasher is a new idle game for the iOS and Android platform that contains a feature that allows you to prestige as you get farther along into the game. It takes an insanely long time to prestige, normally, but there are ways to shorten it, and when you do prestige, it’s completely worth it. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to prestige and what a prestige does in Ball Smasher!

In order to prestige, you have to have all of the previous balls (or squares, emojis, or whatever shape you choose) unlocked. This means that you’re spending a lot of time unlocking new balls, upgrading your current balls, upgrading your assembly line, and keeping everything in running order. The biggest income boost that you can get out of all of these is from buying a brand-new ball, so if that’s what you can afford, buy it even if it leaves you with nothing.

Make frequent use of the double-income boost, and the four-hour time warp boost. If that’s not enough, then go to the date and time settings on your phone or your tablet, set the time ahead by a day at a time, and double your income by watching an ad. Buy every upgrade you can, and then do the trick again.

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Without doing the time warps, it takes 2 weeks to a month to get enough money to where you can do a prestige. With the time warps, you get the money in an hour or two, but you have to get to the prestige before you can reset your time back to normal. Tap on the prestige button, and when the pop-up appears, go set the time back to normal, then go back to the game and hit the prestige button.

So when you do prestige, you get a new set of items to crush. The first prestige will give you a bunch of desserts. Also, you’ll get trillions, but you’ll have to pay trillions to start just as an entry level purchase. The price is the same no matter if you use the new shapes or the old ones. But the income increases will come much more quickly, and shape unlocks will come quicker.

You can prestige multiple times in this game. The first costs 10ac, the second costs 10ag, and so on and so forth. Every time you prestige, you’ll unlock a new set of icons, and the price of everything will increase again, as will the amount of money that you earn from everything. Each upcoming prestige will come faster and faster.