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Idle Armies – How to load up on free gold and gems

Idle Armies is a numerous new idle RPG that features armies of heroes and villains, both of whom are under your control, as they go on a quest through the flattest landscape in the history of RPGs, attack the other side, and make small-talk amongst themselves. Gems are the premium currency of the game, and gold is the standard currency, and you can earn plenty of both of them for free. Read on for some tips and tricks for getting free gems and gold in Idle Armies!

If you want to cheat and earn free coins, all you have to do is go to the date and time settings on your phone and set the time ahead by a specific amount of time – could be an hour, could be 2 hours, fifteen minutes, or however much time you want to cheat off of waiting. Go back to the game and you will automatically earn an hour”s worth of coins (or coins equivalent to the amount of time that you cheated off of the game.

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When you are playing as the villains, one of the locations that you can access is the pits. At the pits, your prisoners will dig up gold and gems for you. You can collect the free gold once every 12 hours, and you can collect the free gems once every 24 hours. Set the push notifications if you want to be reminded whenever you have free gold or gems to collect.

The time cheat can be used to make the pits move faster as well. If you want to earn the coin bonus immediately, set the time for 12 hours immediately after you collect your most recent one. If you want to earn the gems bonus faster, then set the time to exactly one day ahead after you collect your gem bonus.

For the gold, always make sure to watch the ads to increase the gold earned per enemy before you begin play. Go to the quest mode and hit the button that looks like a gold coin with a blue plus sign next to it, and the video will start. Once you finish, your gold will increase by 50% for both armies, whether offline or online.

Be sure to collect the bonus from the genie whenever he comes around. You’ll have an offer to watch an ad video which will be worth either 10 gems or a very high quantity of coins (more or less depending on your upgrade level). Once the video finishes, you will earn your free bonus gems or gold. Also, collect your gem bonuses for completing achievements by hitting the trophy button.