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Spirit Stones – Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part two of the Spirit Stones tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

Normally, you should keep one card of each color (green, red, blue, yellow) in your party. However, there are certain times, such as the hellgate battles, when it might be more beneficial to double up on cards of the same color (or triple up). Certain cards have different strengths and weaknesses. Blue beats red, red beats green, green beats yellow and yellow beats blue. This will be especially helpful during tougher boss battles as well.

Take advantage of your cards’ unique skills during battle. Any card with a skill will have an “S” pop up next to it when the skill is ready to use, and rare cards (not rare cards that were originally normal but were evolved, but cards which started off rare) will be the ones with skills. If the skill charges when you’re almost done with the wave, save it for the next wave, so you can do the most possible damage to all monsters with it.

Do the same thing if your board fills up with killer combination pieces (dynamite, multiple bombs, three arrows in one tile, etc) towards the end of the wave. Make some other combination with your weaker colors to kill the last monster, then use your good pieces when the next wave/battle begins. And always make sure to save your healing potions for when you get attacked – don’t accidentally use them when your health is full.

You can get most of the emblems that you need from quests, so if you want to make quick emblem matches, get redudant emblems from the quests. Then use the battles to fill in the missing blanks. The more emblem matches that you make, the rarer the reward cards will get. By the time you make five or six matches you will be earning super rare cards.

Check the constant roulette of rotating images on the main page to get some excellent rewards. Tap the Daily Mission image for your daily quests/rewards, and connect the game to Facebook and post for free gems and rare cards (if you don’t want to bug your friends, then set the privacy to Only Me). Check the game’s official Facebook page for other random rewards (the current one is 100 gems for anyone who makes level 50 by December 7th, and others will replace it when it’s done).

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