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Dungeon Boss – Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies

Dungeon Boss is a hugely popular new RPG for the iOS and Android that gives you a whole raft of cute, blocky little characters, fighting against cute, blocky enemies, and occasionally gigantic, blocky bosses, as well as turning the mobile RPG format into a true PvP game for possibly the first time ever. You can play through and collect coins, gems, and honor scrolls on your way to building a super-powered team. Read on for the top 15 tips and tricks to Dungeon Boss!

15) Pay attention to the various elements of each of your characters, represented by color. Red is fire, blue is water, green is grass, purple is darkness and yellow is light. Red beats green, green beats blue, blue beats red, and purple and yellow are strong against each other. A type advantage can turn the tide of battle.

14) Add as many friends as possible. Many of your friends will have rare 4- or even 5-star fighters in their parties, and you can use your friends’ leaders in battle. Of course, then they have to refresh, but that’s why you should have as many as possible. If you go to the friends menu, the game will always have recommendations as far as who to add.

13) Each time that you beat a new level, you earn some gems, and after you beat a boss level, you earn a LOT of gems. When you have 300 gems, you can go to the portal and spend them on a Heroic Summon, which will give you a rare three-star or above hero half the time. Go there every time that you can afford a Heroic Summon and you will end up building your team VERY quickly.

12) Have four strong characters, rather than just three, because parties consist of four characters in the PvP mode, which is under the My Dungeon tab (that you unlock later in the game). Set your four strongest, most rare and most upgraded characters as your defense party and your team will become a lot tougher to beat. Have at least one healer in your team and make sure they are the strongest of all.

11) If the player you are fighting has a healer in their party, kill off the healer first. Use your special skills to knock off the healer. If they are a group healer, then they will ruin every attempt you make to kill someone else first, and cause the battle to last far longer than it should. Without the healer in the way, a battle will be a whole lot easier to win.

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