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Dungeon Boss – Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

10) Your heroes can be upgraded to a maximum level of whatever your player level is. If you want to upgrade them higher, you’ll need to grind for awhile so that you can increase your player level. Go back to old levels to do this if you are stuck on the current level; otherwise, grind on newer levels so that you can earn the most experience points possible while you do this.

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9) Ascending a hero requires a specific blend of Evos in order to make it happen. If you want to see what kind of Evos are needed to ascend a hero, go to their roster profile and go to Ascend, and tap the pictures of the required Evo, and you’ll see where you need to go in order to find them. Typically, whichever location in there has a color the matches up with the color of the Evo, will be the one where it is easiest to find them.

8) Each hero’s skills can be upgraded to a level equivalent to their current experience level, so as soon as your hero levels up, upgrade their skills. You will almost always have enough gold to make it happen. And if you don’t, you can earn it through some battles or from the treasure chest in your dungeon.

7) Buy both of the types of chest upgrades in your dungeon so that you can earn a lot of gold, and protect it too. And collect from your chest often, because money that is left behind in the chest is vulnerable to getting stolen. Money that is collect, though, can no longer get stolen because it is in your stash of gold.

6) Be sure to complete the quests for all kinds of extra rewards. The most valuable rewards are gems, tokens for rare heroes, or even entire rare heroes. If you have nothing to collect, you can go to the quest menu anyways, pick a quest and hit the “travel” button next to it to automatically go where you need to go to work toward completing it.

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