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Dungeon Boss – How to get free gems, gold coins and honor scrolls

Dungeon Boss is a big RPG with a big list of stuff to do, and like most of its type on mobile platforms, there are multiple forms of currency here. The main type, of course, is the coins, which you can use to upgrade your characters’ skills. Gems allow you to get more heroes, especially the rare ones, while honor scrolls are good for a whole lot, from portal summons to purchases in the store. Read on to find out how to get more of all three of these currencies in Dungeon Boss!

Coins are fairly easy to get, aside from the battles (which earn you a ton of coins anyways). One of your biggest coin sources will be the quests that you complete throughout the game. Be sure that you are collecting your quest rewards as you complete them so that you can add them to your coin stash.

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Fairly early in the game, around the time that you hit player level 8 or so, you’ll unlock My Dungeon, which is the PvP area. PvP battles provide a hefty chunk of change if you win and successfully raid other players, but your dungeon’s treasure chest is a huge source of coins. Go collect from it as often as you can so that it won’t fill up and stop earning. Upgrade your gold protection too, so that you lose less of it when you get raided.

You’ll usually get a fairly small amount of free gems once you beat a new level. If you replay the level, there will be no gems for the taking (although there will be gold). The biggest source of free gems in the main areas, though, are the final area of a particular stage. This is the toughest and longest, most drawn out battle in the area. Win, and you’ll win a LOT of gems, around 60 or so, rather than the usual 15 or less from normal stages.

Other methods of earning gems mainly include completing the quests; however, keep checking back at the rewards for the Dungeon PvP as they change every week. Sometimes they will include free gems. Think about taking the gem offers in the store, too – while they aren’t strictly free as in no money spent, you’ll often see offers for one time purchases where your gems are doubled.

Honor scrolls are either earned from quests, or from the PvP dungeon area. Every time that you beat a player you earn scrolls, and the higher the rank of that player is, the more scrolls you earn. Honor scrolls are also present at most of the tournament rewards ranks, so at the end of each week you’ll end up with a ton of scrolls, too.