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Soda Dungeon – How to unlock VIP mode and enter the Portal

Soda Dungeon is a new, humorous dungeon-crawling game for the iOS and Android platforms. There are a ton of upgrades that you can buy for your heroes and especially for your tavern, but the most expensive, and most effective, upgrades of all are the VIP upgrades. These will speed up the time it takes you to get to the portal, which takes you to a whole other dimension. Read on for tips on how to do both of these in Soda Dungeon!

The VIP upgrades are locked when you first begin playing the game. They do not unlock until you beat level 50 in the dungeon, which is fairly easy to do. After you do that, go to the tavern keeper and hit the VIP screen and you will see a screen with all of the options for stuff that you can buy. Some of it is cheap, but some of it is VERY expensive.

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One of the best options there is Fury Xtreme, a soda that allows you to attract Ragezerkers, the strongest warriors. Stables allow you to purchase team pets. Gnomes will gather more essence for you in dungeons (more on that later). You can also inherit gold, add to the warp you can do after you go through a portal, or buy a magic well to convert gold into essence.

To go through the portal, you have to keep going through the dungeon until you hit the final boss. This will be on level 100 the first time you go through the game, but in new dimensions it will be higher I.E. level 200, 300, etc. After you beat him, the portal will be broken and you will have the option to go through it.

If you go through it, the game will restart. You will lose all of your soda upgrades, equipment, and gold, but you will keep all of your tavern upgrades. You will also earn relics, which permanently power up either your whole party, or specific members of your party.

You will also lose VIP mode once you go through the portal, unless you have the portal warp upgrade to add +100 (or more) to the levels that you can warp to; in which case, you will have the VIP option right away when you go back through the portal. You can beat the boss and go through the portal as many times as you want, and you will just keep getting stronger, and adding more levels.