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War of the Fallen: How to evolve your cards

War of the Fallen for the iPhone and other iOS devices is Zynga’s newest entry in the card battle genre, following Ayakashi Ghost Guild and the now-defunct Montopia. Your goal is to collect and battle with cards, and the rarity of a card usually defines how good it is. The game changer, though, is evolving your cards, as it allows you to power up a card to such a degree that it’s as if you had a much rarer card instead. Read on for the guide to evolving your cards!

Evolving your cards in War of the Fallen very simple. All that you have to do is have two or more of the same card. Go to the Cards tab, then go to Evolve. First, pick the card that you want to evolve (if you have no cards that can be evolved at the time, nothing will show up in here). Then, pick the card that you want to sacrifice.

Next, pay the coins to evolve the card, and it will evolve. You can evolve a card up to 3 times, for a total of four different tiers of strength. Evolve the second-tier card using an identical first tier card, and evolve a third tier card using, again, an identical first-tier card.

Evolution is extremely expensive to do in War of the Fallen, so you will have to save up the coins to do just one evolution. To do this, go and play as many quests as you can, until your energy runs out. Then go back to the Cards tab, and sell all of the extra cards that you earn for more coins. Repeat this over and over, and you’ll be able to earn enough coins to evolve cards.

If you evolve a card that has already been strengthened, it will retain a percentage of the extra statistical boosts, but it will still go back down to level 1 during the evolution. The sacrificed card will also contribute to higher stats if it’s been strengthened. Strengthen cards before all three evolutions, and you could end up with EXTREMELY powerful cards, even if they’re common cards. They could end up beating rare cards.