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I Am MT: Card Battle: How to evolve your cards

I Am MT: Card Battle has all kinds of things that you can do with your cards – well, battling them against others, for one thing. You can use fusion to cause them to gain experience levels, but you can use evolution to take their power to the next level. Evolving your cards can be the key to beating the elite and heroic dungeons, and the ever-fearsome event battles. Read on for the guide on how to evolve your cards in I Am MT: Card Battle!

The very first step to evolving a card involves using fusion to enhance the card to its maximum experience level. Your best bet for this is to load up on cards from the various dungeons. The normal dungeons, which use the least AP, are the best for earning a ton of cards. However, using sunflowers and pumpkins, which give 10,000 and 50,000 exp to a card that they are sacrificed for, respectively, will level them up FAR more quickly.

Now, once your card is at its maximum level, you need a full armor set for it. Each armor set consists of three different pieces. Go to the “more” tab and tap on armor sets to see which ones you can earn, and how many pieces you still have to earn to finish each one. Sets will either evolve a 2-star into a 3-star, a 3-star into a 4-star, or a 3- or 4-star into a 3- or 4-star elite. One star cards can’t evolve, so forget about even trying (why would you want to anyways?)

Now, finally, once you have a card at its maximum level AND you have the appropriate armor collection (tap on the card’s profile to see which armor collection applies), go to the Evolution tab. The eligible card will show up right at the top with the words “Good to go” next to it.

Select that card and the armor set, and then evolve them. The card’s stats will go way up, and depending on the armor set, either a “plus” sign will appear next to their name or a new star will be added in their rarity column.