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I Am MT: Card Battle (iOS game): How to get free Coins, Friend Points and Runes

I Am MT: Card Battle is a new card battle game based off of the cartoon I’m MT, which itself is based around World of Warcraft, albeit unofficially. There are three different types of currency in this game. Coins are the main types of currency, and they are spent whenever you evolve your cards as well as whenever you enhance them. Runes are the premium currency of the game, while friend points are spent whenever you want to get a free card pack. Read on for more information on how to get all three of them!

Getting more coins is easy. Simply go to the dungeons and engage in as many battles as possible. The more battles you engage in, the more coins you win, and even though there are other ways to earn coins, you won’t typically need all of them unless you are doing some real heavy duty enhancing of your characters.

Aside from that, there are two other ways to get coins. One of them is to collect them from the rewards that you earn in the game. You’ll know when you can do this by whenever there is a notification by the rewards tab – various things such as daily bonuses and other rewards. Also, you can sell your excess cards if you want to, in order to earn more coins.

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To get more friend points, ALWAYS check your “social” tab for any friend requests. If you have been sent a request, and you accept it, you will earn 10 friend points. If you pick a friend’s card as your helper card before a battle, you will earn 10 helper points. If you pick a stranger’s card and then send them a friend request, you will earn 5 friend points.

To earn runes, you can always buy them, but you can earn runes for free each time that you pass an entire dungeon, and everybody loves free runes so earn them this way. Once you unlock the next dungeon in line and there are no more areas to play in the current dungeon, go to the rewards tab and one reward will pop up for finishing the dungeon quest. There will be more rewards for every dungeon you beat. Rewards are higher for the elite dungeons and event dungeons, typically.

Oh, and (back to coins) certain monsters, such as the Golden Dragon Whelp, can earn you massive amounts of coins for selling them. Every monster earns you coins for selling their cards, but the Golden Dragon Whelp earns you 10,000 per each card that you sell.